Chic Indo-western look! 

Hello pretty people, There appears to be an enthusiastic approach to combining traditional clothes with a western touch.With increasing exposure of the Indian subcontinent to the Western world, the merging of women's clothing styles was inevitable.  The clothing of the quintessential Indo-Western ensemble is the trouser suit, which is a short kurta with straight pants… Continue reading Chic Indo-western look! 

Mid Night Scribbles

The voice inside.

  ______________________   I just discovered the biggest hypocrite. I am one. I'll advise everyone that they should love everyone. To not to harm anyone. Jealousy,anger and hatred are for the fools. That one should help others in any way possible. That one should love thyself,and embrace their uniqueness, 'cause being different is not bad.… Continue reading The voice inside.

Night to Remember

Just hold on I am coming home!

Disclaimer:Night to Remember holds an account of funny incidences resulting from either intoxication or just like that. These incidences are which I have heard from my friends or witnessed it myself. I am not promoting alcohol in any terms. Thank you. ----------------------------------- My best friend was in town paying me a visit. Now when me… Continue reading Just hold on I am coming home!

Mid Night Scribbles

To be or not to be..

My mind is always debating over this subject.. Consider this one example- You see something in a store,a dress or a gadget or anything,you absolutely love it and consider it buying. But wait,you then realize that you need to save money to buy a present for your friends,boyfriend/girlfriend or parents. You sacrifice your own happiness… Continue reading To be or not to be..