Mid Night Scribbles

To be or not to be..

Even free birds return back to their caged shelter called home. 
My mind is always debating over this subject..

Consider this one example- You see something in a store,a dress or a gadget or anything,you absolutely love it and consider it buying. But wait,you then realize that you need to save money to buy a present for your friends,boyfriend/girlfriend or parents. You sacrifice your own happiness to just to see a smile on your loved ones.

I know two kinds of extremists-

One,who give themselves the entire priority. They will work for themselves. Splurge on themselves. Won’t be bounded by anyone. Free to do whatever they want to do. Go on a vacation for a month? They would do that. Not caring whose birthday or whatsoever comes in between.

Two,who give the people in their lives the first priority. They will work for others. Maybe even do work,not of their own interest but because their parents or some loved one asked to do it. They will think of splurging and making happy others first and then if some resources are left might spent it on themselves or maybe still save for others (mostly parents do that). They’ll think twice before taking a break. “Oh no,can’t vacation now. I have my parents birthday,my wedding anniversary,my kids exam,my friends wedding.” Always finding an excuse to not give themselves some priority.

About me? I am stuck in the middle. I am a free bird,who will return back home every now and then. I’ll do what I like but at the same time would do things which my loved ones would like. For I know I won’t be happy with just me by my side. I know the importance of my family and friends. So,I won’t mind sacrificing my happiness from time to time for my people.

But I get this crazy idea sometimes to leave everything for good,pack my bag and leave on a world tour. Forgetting everything and focus just on my good.

If you are or know any of the two kinds of extremists,I would love to know your views on whether To be free or not to be?


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