That cake tho..

My parents were in Mumbai for a week(the week i got off after my exams.) The week  which I planned to spend either being wasted in Mumbai or in Goa. Anyway.

So,them being here meant taking them out everyday to different places for both lunch and dinner. I tots enjoyed them being here,’cause I was able to visit every favorite place of mine in Mumbai which ravels my taste buds.

I shall begin with the most favorite-Candies,located in Bandra. Now people will argue that there are many places in Mumbai much better than candies. But considering every aspect price,quality and ambience.I guess nothing can beat Candies.

It is like an old English Household welcoming you to its warmth. The place lights you up. The diversity in its decorations just leaves you mesmerized.

With walls full of ceramic paintings,artsy ancient mirrors and colorful lamps,this place is outstanding in terms of interiors.

Now the main thing,food! Candies is a cafe’ serving a large array of both vegetarian and non vegetarian continental and North Indian food. Rolls,sandwiches,meals,milkshakes and speaking of desserts,the variety is so much that you’ll get confused deciding what to eat.

Image by Gypsy Panda 
I hereby present you my favorite dishes from candies-

Chicken/Veg Biryani.

American Club sandwich(both veg and non veg are amazing)

Minced Mutton Roll

Veg Cutlet

(Rolls,cutlets and  sandwiches are served with potato wafers)

Apple Croissant

Pineapple cake(That cake is to die for!!)

A fresh glass of lime soda. IMG_1010.JPG

And they serve tea in this adorable manner with two jelly tidbits to go with it.Had I had more space in my stomach I would have gone for the strawberry milkshake too.

All this food was just for 700 bucks . This place perfectly fits for the title ‘value for money.’ Also,watch out for the cute little gift shop inside.

So,next time if you are looking for a great place to eat, whether  you are low or high on cash,visit Candies. One place you should not miss.

P.s-They have adorable cupcakes.Also,don’t miss their Christmas special decorations and food!A6jBUXlCIAAuHfd.jpg





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