Night to Remember

Just hold on I am coming home!

Disclaimer:Night to Remember holds an account of funny incidences resulting from either intoxication or just like that. These incidences are which I have heard from my friends or witnessed it myself. I am not promoting alcohol in any terms. Thank you.


My best friend was in town paying me a visit. Now when me and my best friend meet it’s like a 24/7 party which no one can dare to stop.  One would do some random shit and the other would add more crazy to it. That’s how we roll.




On one night we decided to go to Socials(a pub). Usually you don’t see much crowd in pubs on weekdays. Socials is one place which will never disappoint you in this case. It is always crowded.

Okay so,I don’t know why this happens but whenever I am with my best friend I am able to easily gulp down too many shots(Tequila,vodka,Jagermeister,just bring it on bitch).

You give me magical powers best friend! However, this is not what happens when I am with my other friends. Where even one beer seems too much and it’s like-



We entered Socials and ordered two Kamikazes shot. One shot each,done.

Nothing happened. So we ordered four more. Two shot each,done.

Still nothing. We took a break from the drinks and started dancing. And when we both are on the dance floor,Oh baby its like fire!🔥
Dancing  like mad baboons,check.✔️



We then returned to intoxicating ourselves a little more.
We both finished two,five liter of LIT with chocolate hazelnut cake to go with it.
And thats when the crazies hit us. More dancing like mad baboons. Screaming at the top of our lungs supporting MAN U. Dancing on the bar top,yup we did that. Troubling people around us.


We had a good,good time.
Now,drinking of too much of alcohol results in two things-

1) Unexplained behavior(you’ll either be too happy,too sad or too crazy) or you’ll just pass out

2) A desperate need to pee a lot.

So we both were on our way back to our friends place and apparently we both were suffering from the type two result of excessive drinking. Now guys have an easy way out in this case. They can pee bloody anywhere!

Whereas I was still holding my pee. I thought,”oh,its okay. We are about to reach home. Only 5 minutes more.” And when we reached home(I was apparently out of luck that night),no one was there.

With my desperate need to pee,I was standing outside his locked house like-


Now my friends place has like a really nice bushy garden around,with lots of trees. Tall trees,behind which you can go and if you pee,one can’t see you trees.

And I had to go,the nature was calling me. My best friend encouraged me too(I love ya).

Peeing in the open for the first time,the sky felt so bright. Even tho it was night and really dark.

So,this was my first time of experiencing the little perks guys get to enjoy.

Take this little piece of advice from me kids-



Love ya,

The Gypsy Panda


P.s- This is the least craziest story that I know. I want to know your views. Are you up for more crazy shit?


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