Mid Night Scribbles

The voice inside.


“All sweet on the outside.But inside there is a voice, venomous like a snake. Corrupting and manipulating my self-esteem.”


I just discovered the biggest hypocrite.

I am one.

I’ll advise everyone that they should love everyone. To not to harm anyone.

Jealousy,anger and hatred are for the fools.

That one should help others in any way possible.

That one should love thyself,and embrace their uniqueness, ’cause being different is not bad. It is beautiful.

To not care what others say about you.

Whereas I,

At every night past 12

Would be hating myself..

Belittle myself,

Cursing for the way I am.

Getting bouts of jealousy for the perfect crowd.

“You are a fool if you think people will like what you do. They don’t even like who you are.”

Who do you think you are?



You are nothing but just a little man who is struggling, struggling and struggling.

You are so weak, you can’t even gather the courage to take the first step.

And you know why?

‘Cause you have a fear.

You are so vulnerable.

Manipulated by yourself.

What do you think you can do?

I say..nothing.

Each night this voice haunts me.

For a person who advises everyone to love everyone,

Doesn’t even love herself/himself.

Well, Well,Well

Goodnight now,

You hypocrite bitch.


It is natural to have self-doubt from time to time. You have those gloomy days in which you feel worthless like you are not good at anything. Just don’t ever let this feeling linger on for a long time. You are beautiful the way you are and you are good at what you do.

Let them criticize you. Don’t let others negativity creep into you.

I have spent days, maybe months doubting myself because others did so. People would say I am just ordinary. Fear of never doing or becoming something extraordinary pulled me down, making me want to do nothing with my life.

But what people say is all crap.

You are special.

They day you come in terms with yourself that you are enough and that being special or ordinary, doing spectacular things is all in your hands. You will become unstoppable.

I am on the path of self-love. A hypocrite in the past.

Wanna jump on in the bandwagon of awesomeness?




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