Let Blinge be your Fairy Godmother✨

Hello Love, Nowadays,it seems like the pressure of wearing a new outfit,for every occassion is more. We wear an outfit,get a picture clicked in it and then we won't wear it again,because that picture is now on instagram,facebook,snapchat etc etc. And we can't bear someone coming up and saying,"eh,it's the same outfit you wore in… Continue reading  Let Blinge be your Fairy Godmother✨

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Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻

Hello Beautiful, I hope you had an amazing day. I hope you are happy. I hope you are in love with yourself,'cause that's the most amazing thing that you can do to in this hard world. We live in a society which has a pre-decided what and how everything should be. Beauty. It is put… Continue reading Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻


My Fav- Slutty Brownie Recipe 🍫

   Hello Love, I noticed that I haven't posted much about food on the blog,which is quite suprising because I talk about food,eat food,see pictures of food,almost the whole day. So,to get back to it. I thought of sharing this INSANE Brownie recipe that I discovered last month.  It is a tradition to bake a… Continue reading My Fav- Slutty Brownie Recipe 🍫


Diggin’ into Mom’s Closet👗

Hello love, I have been too busy with my college assignments and projects,could not post so recent as I wish. So,before I start talking about the outfit,I just want to say SORRYyyyy!🎶 I am still trying to find a perfect way to balance everything.  Okay,enough with my rant. Let me talk about this outfit,which I… Continue reading Diggin’ into Mom’s Closet👗