Mid Night Scribbles

A Poem To My Past.

I met you in 10th standard

You were my first..

Wait a second let me correct,

Not love 

You were my first romance.

It tingled when we held hands

And goosebumps when we hugged.

We had our first kiss in a movie hall,

While i still had my braces on. 

A year passed 

And we had-

Night full of meaningless conversations,

And a few meets which left me more Confused.

A year and a two passed,

And then out relationship took a toil.

Being young and foolish,

I thought this is what love is.

And I cling led on to you,

Cling led on a branch which was about to break and leave me hurt.


Even the meaningless conversations turned to no conversations,

And we never used to meet.

Still I was seeking love in an unknown place.



Where to go and what to do,

I had no clue. 

Knew this would happen!

You knew it! 

Why o why

You foolish child. 

I cried the whole night,a whole week.

Fixing the wound on my heart 

The wound which you made with the dagger of words..

‘I don’t love you.’ 

I still like a hopeless romantic 

Talked to you. 

Finding ways to get you back. 

Until one night..   

When I asked you do you miss me 

And you said you do.

I was happy 

But then… 

You asked me..

“Can i have a picture of your bosom?” 

And your “I miss you”,

Was the last lie,

I heard. 

So thanks to you my friend,

You made me fall for you,

And you helped me get over you too.

For I know now that there was no love,

And it was just two kids playing around the game love.

You taught me to be stronger,

And you taught me to be wiser,

To be more careful with who i share my naked soul with. 

For a person who doesn’t respects you 

Should have nothing to do with. 

And thanks to you

For i know what love is 

Because i am in love now. 

And Love is all about,

Support and Accepatnce. 

Great adventures and 

Sex so good,

You feel like celebrating it with more sex. 

Love is finding your person.

To who when you say goodbye,

It tears you inside. 

And nothing can cure it. 

It is like sparks of light,

Never dimming.

And we had none of the above. 

So,thanks to you

For saving us both

From the savage in disguise we thought was Love. 


7 thoughts on “A Poem To My Past.

  1. “You thought me to be stronger,
    And you thought me to be wiser”

    You probably mean “taught” rather than “thought”?

    But a good poem anyways! Well written and with such a deep message


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