Diggin’ into Mom’s Closet👗

Hello love,

I have been too busy with my college assignments and projects,could not post so recent as I wish. So,before I start talking about the outfit,I just want to say SORRYyyyy!🎶 I am still trying to find a perfect way to balance everything. 

Okay,enough with my rant. Let me talk about this outfit,which I think will be my most favourite one for a long,long time.

I was back home for the holidays and had the idea of going through my moms closet(her older clothes),to get some fashion ideas. And was so happy when I found her gorgeous,yellow and black with white polka dots,blazer! Below is the image of my mother and me(as a baby),with her wearing the same blazer. 

The blazer is almost 20 years old and it is still in such a good condition. Taking care of your stuff like a boss,ma. 

Funky blazers are back in style. Black blazers,will never be out of style. But switiching something to more colurful and taking risks is really fun. 

I styled the blazer in two ways. First,I paired it up with black tights and lace up booties. I accessorized it with a nice matching clutch and few rings. I didn’t do much on the accesories part and also,kept the rest of the outfit plain black because I wanted the main attention on the blazer. 


The Lace up booties are from Forever 21,you can buy them online from the forever 21 site. I just checked,they are still available.

 The thing about funky blazers are that,they can add a spark to any simple outfit. You just need to figure out what will blend with the colour and style of your blazer. Also,they give a great slimming effect and pass for a great street style look or for some formal event. 

My second look is a little chic. Again,I just paired it up with a black dress and black pumps. This outfit will look great for a formal event or just if you want to stand out.  

Outfit details-

Blazer- Mom’s Closet

Dress- United Colours of Benetton 

Leggins- Mango

Black Pumps– Aldo shoes

Clutch– W for Women’s store

Sunglasses- Aldo Accesories 

Rings- Forever New 

So,go get your hand on some funky blazers and be creative! 

Also,dig into your mom’s closet,you never know,you might find some retro gem hidden in there.

Hit me up with your looks and I might feature the best one on the blog. I would love,love,love to see your creations.

Thank you,

Your Gypsy Panda


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