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Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻

Hello Beautiful,

I hope you had an amazing day. I hope you are happy. I hope you are in love with yourself,’cause that’s the most amazing thing that you can do to in this hard world.

We live in a society which has a pre-decided what and how everything should be.


It is put in such a confined box.

Have thin legs. Have a big ass. Flat stomach,and a little bit curve. Hair that shines and dove eyes. Big poutty lips and some good cheek,collar bones. Eyebrows should be on fleek,make up should be on point. Hariless skin and the list goes on..

If you match these expectations,congratulations! You are now beautiful for the society.

Three words for you society.

Suck my dick.

Beauty IS all about how the light inside you shines and reflects. Makes a person fall in love with you,in the very first meet. How confident you behave. How bright you smile,and make even the frownest face shine.

Being ‘fat’ doesn’t define you. Fat is just a word and it is not a word which stands for being ugly.

So,don’t let the society fuck with your brain.

Let me tell you one story now.

There was this girl who struggled with the ‘beauty standards.’ She had always been the ‘chubby’ one. Everyday she was called fat by someone or the other. “Your arms look bigger today.” “You’ll look pretty if you were a little thinner.” “You must be able to wear your mom’s clothes,since you both are XL size.”

But did she break?

No,actually. She still smiled and continued to shine,not caring. Wore skirts and heels with pride.

She even met this amazing guy who she is with since then.

The comments still continued. And she started giving a thought to it.

She started losing her spark.

For quick results,she started skipping meals and excersing more.

Tortured herself like this for some time.

Till one day she just stopped. Realised that if she wants to do something,that should be for herself and not according to others.

So she started getting ‘fit’ for herself,rather than getting ‘thin’for the society.

Today,she  feels as beautiful as she did before the shattering by others.

Wears whatever she wants with pride. Being the best version of herself and not trying to achieve #goals everyone just created.

You know the #goals you see on instagram. Well,create your own.

You are more than enough. Goddess of yourself. Invincible soul who brightens up the room,everytime.

So,I hope you fall in love with yourself,darling.


The Gypsy Panda🐼



That girl is me. This picture is two years old. Always,a happy soul.❤️

2 thoughts on “Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻

  1. Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects through your eyes. It is a power and a smile is its sword.
    It isn’t about having a pretty face, Its about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and a pretty soul! and you my dear friend fit all the criteria!

    Your blog is Amazing and very refreshing Ms Gypsy panda!
    I would really like to read more of you! Great way to express yourself!

    Keep up the gooooooood work! 🙂


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