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DIY REMEDIES:Skin and Teeth🙊

Hello Love,

I discovered these really effective remedies for common problems we all face,like skin breakouts,tanning,dark circles and yellow teeth.

I myself have tried these remedies and have seen the effects. It actually works!

Get your hand on these two major products first.

1) Activated Charcoal Powder. I got it from ebay,worth Rs 326. When buying it,make sure you buy the one which states that it is for SKIN AND TEETH,in its description.Click to buy this product

Also be careful while using activated charcoal,’cause it can stain floors,skin and your clothes. But it won’t stain your teeth or skin! 

2)Multani Mitti. 

Now that you have bought the two major products required. We can begin with the remedies! 


Items required-


Activated Charcoal Powder(one which specifies that it can be used for teeth)




1) Wet your toothbrush and apply toothpaste on it.

2) With the toothpaste on the brush,Dip it in the charcoal powder(use little of the powder)

3)Brush your teeth with it,for 1-2 minutes. You have to brush carefully,protecting your gums.

4)After brushing,just rinse your teeth with water.

5) Rinse and spit,till it is clear.

6) Do not worry if you see,some of the charcoal still on your teeth. Gently brush it off with a clear toothbrush.





If you have sensitive teeth,do not try this.

If you see your gums bleeding. Immediately remove it.
Use it once a week,to see the results.

Do not overuse it,as it may result in weakning of the enamle.

Your teeth will be all black while brushing it activated charcoal. Don’t get scared.🙈 It won’t stay.



A face mask of multani mitti and activated charcoal is really effective for acne,for having lesser breakouts and a smooth skin.

Items required-

Activated Charcoal Powder

Multani Mitti



1) Mix Activated Charcoal,multani mitti and a litttle water,into a paste like mixture. Like the one shown below-

2) Apply it on your face.

3) Apply it for 3-4 minutes,till it becomes dry.

CAUTION: Don’t not leave it on your face for too long,as it might result in causing redness on your face.

4) Rinse it off.

5) Do not worry if the activated charcoal still is left on your face and it looks dark.

6) Take a little bit of your facewash,scrub and rinse your face with it. The little bit of the face mask which was still there on the face,will go away.


Wear this mask 2-3 times a week.

If while wearing the mask,your skin feels irrittated. Immediately remove it.

Do not apply it on the eyelids or lips.



Green Tea Bags



1) Dip the green tea in warm water.

2) Take out the dipped green tea bag and refigerate it for 15-20 minutes.

3) Take out the bag,squeeze the remaining water out.

4) Apply the tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes.

5) Sit back and relax.

Okay,these were my fav and most effective DIY remedies. Do try it(keeping in mind the suggestions) and tell me if it was effective for you.

I’ll post more of these remedies,next time,with videos!

Keep the love coming in.


The Gypsy Panda



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