Welcoming spring! 🌺 with Flyrobe. 

Hello Love,

This post is about my collaboration with Flyrobe,the biggest rental online fashion store and my fav! Their collection is huge and everything they have is so beautiful! Not to forget the way they deliver your clothes to you,so neat and nice. If you order once,you’ll definetly order twice. Also,we women have a problem of being seen twice in the same outfit. So,Flyrobe is like the perfect solution to our never ending need to dress different every time. 

Now,I order a Zabel skirt and crop top from them. Puting it together,it looked like this. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions spring? 

Flowers booming 🌺

Birds chirping 🐥

And everything looking Oh so fresh and lovely! 

This is how I felt about this outfit. It reminded me of spring! 

Getting into the details of this outfit. Midi skirts are the bomb right now. They are perfect for semi casual occasions and looks so elegant. 

Tips for styling your midi skirts-

1) Keep your top simple. You want your skirt to be in the lime light. 

2) Accessorize in a way that it compliments the skirt/look. 

3) Select shoe colour which will blend a little with the colour of your skirt. 

4) Stalk pinterest to find more ideas!🙈
When I saw the white skirt,with birds on it! I was like,”I NEEEEED THIISSSSS!”

And I knew exactly how I am gonna style it,when I came across the pink crop top with little bows on the side.

5) If your skirt is of bold colour,choose a top which is plain and simple. 

And if your skirt is white or basic,with little design. Choose a top with a brighter colour. You don’t want to dull your look.

I combined this chic retro skirt with a bold colour crop top. I kept it simple with accessorizing it with just gold earrings and nothing else. For the shoes,I chose nude pumps as it was perfectly blending in with the outfit.


I was all smiles in this outfit. Just look at it! It made me feel like a blooming flower.🐝

So,here you go. 

Grab some midis,play with colour and show dem your pretty,playful self! 

Once again,thank you @Flyrobe for this outfit!❤️ 

Outfit details-

Crop top- Zabel

Skirt- Zabel

(Both rented on flyrobe)

Shoes- Aldo 

Thank you for reading this. Keep your love and support coming in.


The Gypsy Panda


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