My struggle. #LoveYourself

What is living with anxiety like?

You feel choked up. Inside you is a monster who is eating you up, eating your happiness, your willingness to do something good in your life, actually doing anything. You are scared of being alone because your own thoughts haunt you. You are so focused on the negative part that you can never have a single good thought for or of yourself.

You get stuck in a loop of overthinking. From which you can’t escape once you have entered it.

You cry unnecessarily. You are scared all the time for no reason. There is a little voice inside you, screaming, begging to be out of this mess. But there is no hope.

You try everything to shift your focus from it but you are stuck.


These were the emotions that I  used to go through daily, one year back.

I still remember, last year on my birthday I locked myself up in the bathroom and cried for an hour straight. Birthday’s are happy occasions, right? Well, my condition snatched away all my smiles.

You don’t even realise when you get into this mess and nobody else can figure this out too. You look normal, behave normal. But what’s happening inside your fucked up head, only you have the idea of it.

I started searching online,’Curing overthinking’,’Battling anxiety’, because I had no idea with whom to share this. Even the people who knew about this struggle of mine, couldn’t suggest much.

I then started to work on a plan, A New Me. I refused to take any medical help, ’cause I felt that since it was me who created this monster, I can myself make it vanish.

Gymming become my therapy session. I started writing and reading more, two things I had always loved. Whenever I used to get tormented by my thoughts, I used to ask my brain to stop. Write down the things I have, realising that how blessed I am. Started loving myself more, my imperfections. Whether it was my chubby arms or crooked smile, I was in love with every part of myself.

A year since then, I am doing the thing I love and could possibly make a career out of it.Have travelled on my own and with others to so many places. Have stuffed my face with new and different cuisines. Have met so many people who inspire me. I am happy now.

All this would have never happened if that scared little girl never came out of the dark.

I receive compliments on my Instagram profile, now. Would you be shocked if I told you that there was a time when I never posted anything for months straight, ’cause I was ashamed of myself?

Don’t underestimate the power of loving yourself. It is a gradual process, it won’t happen overnight. Create this magic. Your present situation doesn’t matter. You have the choice of spreading your wings and fly little birdie.

Create this magic. Your present situation doesn’t matter. You have the choice of spreading your wings and fly little birdie.


I want more people to join in hands with me,to spread the message of the importance of LOVING YOURSELF.

It’s your turn to inspire me and others.
Tell your story. I am pretty sure we all have must have gone through a phase or must be going through and have overcome or want to overcome it.
How you made your light shine in this world, forgetting the mean comments and the down setting people. How you learned to LOVE YOURSELF.
Mail me your story on- aanchaltriveditk@gmail.com or DM or message me on Instagram or Facebook
I’ll be putting it up in the blog. It will be FEATURED!
So let’s inspire together and make this world a better place?


And if you ever doubt yourself that you are not special or not woth loving. Just don’t.

Po thought that he was just a fat fuck, who’s destiny was to be an ordinary noodle maker.

You remember the end of the movie? He defeated the monster,Tai Lung and became the greatest warrior ever.

Believing in yourself, does wonder.

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