Hero. #LoveYourselfStoryFeature

This is the first feature story for the Love Yourself campaign.
Here it goes,
I was a patient of acute anxiety disorder from the last two years. It was hell. HELL. I used to get panic attacks. I could not sleep for days and days. I was once awake for 92 hours at a strech because i feared that someone might come and kill me.
Anxiety is a fear of nothing. Fear of nothing. This november I touched the peak of my anxiety when I was alone in mumbai for 20 days. The worst 20 days of my life. I am getting goosebumps right now by even recalling those dreadfull twenty days. My vision got blurred. I couldnt sleep. I got panic attacks every moment. My mind was at a lightening speed every second.
Then one day I had to go to my college to collect my marksheet when a guy came to me and said,”beta ap padhe likhe ho na? Ap ek kitab padho Dr BR Ambedkar ki. Ap bache padhai likhai karte ho kuch iss desh ke bhalai ke liye karo. Iss duniya mein insaaniyat khatam ho rahi h”. (English Translation- “Son,you are educated,right? Go and read this book by Dr BR Ambedkar. You kids should do something for your country. Humanity is dying.”)
My life changed completly after that moment. I came to my flat booked a filght and flew back to my house and did a full fledged course with a psycologist for two weeks and got over my problem of anxiety.
Since then I have been travelling a lot. I have travelled for around 23 days now all alone by muself,met people from more than 30 countries and as I want to persue a career as a filmmaker I have been making short films on this topic of anxiety and depression.
I used to get panic attacks concerning my health every day. Some days i used to think that i have lung cancer some days liver and what not. It wasnt easy. But I got over it and so can you.
Talking about my present,I do a lot of dramatics and I recently delivered a page long monologue on anxiety and the time I got applauded really HARD for that I knew I had overcome my fear of nothing,anxiety.
And yes. One more thing. I was addicted to smoking. And by addiction i mean around 30 fags in a day. Happy to quit it.
This is my story. I saved myself. I was my own Hero.
When asked by the author that does he wants a mention or wants to keep it anonymous.
He said,I ain’t afraid of my story. Mention my name in big bold letters.
Ladies and gentlemen,this story is of and by TUSHAR RASTOGI.

Thank you for inspiring us,Hero! 🙌
I want more people to join in hands with me,to spread the message of the importance of LOVING YOURSELF.

It’s your turn to inspire me and others.
Tell your story. I am pretty sure we all have must have gone through a phase or must be going through and have overcome or want to overcome it.
How you made your light shine in this world, forgetting the mean comments and the down setting people. How you learned to LOVE YOURSELF.
Mail me your story on- aanchaltriveditk@gmail.com or DM or message me on Instagram or Facebook
I’ll be putting it up in the blog. It will be FEATURED!
So let’s inspire together and make this world a better place?

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