Aren’t you glad you’re you? #LoveYourselfStoryFeature

As I am in my teenage phase, I am growing a little every day. I Think of the times before my thirteen year of existence. That was the time, I was not bothered about my looks and how much I weighted. But as I entered teenage, the changes started taking place ,pimples, black heads, white heads, dark circles and what not. My weight was increasing and my complexion was getting darker and the other changes taking place which everybody knows of. In short, I was not turning into someone whom I always wanted to be and it made me sad, very sad.         These type of thoughts always occupied my mind until I met a girl named Mani, recently (name has been changed). She is just five years old suffering from Diamond BlackFan Anaemia.Have you ever heard of it? It’s a rare bone marrow disease and guess what? It’s INCURABLE! Yes, there’s no cure. In addition, her parents died in an accident and now she is living in an orphanage surviving on funds from an Organisation. She gets her dialysis done every week. We all know what it takes to get it done after every seven days and she is just a poor kid. When I met her, I saw her hands were blue in patches that’s because the doctors did not find a nerve after a number of failed attempts. But still, trust me her smile was the brightest I have ever seen. She was so chirpy and full of energy, she kept on playing the whole day and we kept on talking until dusk that day.She knows that there are chances, that she might not live long but she does not care about it.

So, I find it unbelievable but yes, a girl of age five made me realise how to LOVE MYSELF.There are people like me, who do not love who they are. I want them to stop and look around, there are millions of people like Mani fighting and struggling for their lives and then there is you, who is complicating your one and only gifted life by thinking of these insecurities.Be thankful that you get food everyday and be happy that you are healthy. You have your parents with you and the group of people who love you unconditionally.Is this not enough?

I have started loving myself now, I don’t care if I am short, It’s okay if I do not belong to the fair tone category and I am completely fine with my physical appearance. Short hair are the new cool, right? and not to forget when someone compliments me that I look beautiful it makes me happy.

LOVE YOURSELF, no matter what! Not everyone is as fortunate enough as you are.The first thing is to fall in love with yourself it’s the best gift you could gift to yourself.


Beautiful inside and out❤️ This story is shared by Soumya.

Thank you!💗


It’s your turn to inspire me and others.

Tell your story. I am pretty sure we all have must have gone through a phase or must be going through and have overcome or want to overcome it.

How you made your light shine in this world, forgetting the mean comments and the down setting people. How you learned to LOVE YOURSELF.

Mail me your story on- aanchaltriveditk@gmail.com or DM or message me on Instagram or Facebook

I’ll be putting it up in the blog. It will be FEATURED!

So let’s inspire together and make this world a better place?

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