Still I rise. #LoveYourselStoryFeature

Breakups are always painfull but they don't end your life... Do they? Hello everyone this is my story which depicts that loving yourself and believing in your abilities always works. So the story starts like this.. I was a child. Yes 8th standard is too young for you to fall in love.. and I ended… Continue reading Still I rise. #LoveYourselStoryFeature


True Gypsy (Ft. The Little Bauble Box)

  Hello Gorgeous, Today I'll give you a little tip, and that is to stay expressively creative. Don't shy from trying something different. Everyone has a unique sense of style and should embrace it. Copying the hype and walking like clones of Kardashians or anyone, not cool. Why let your imagination go to waste? Here… Continue reading True Gypsy (Ft. The Little Bauble Box)


Change, the only constant under your will. (#LoveYourselfStoryFeature) 

Bringing back your own self to who you were a year back or just a couple of months ago, trust me it is something as difficult as believing that you can ride a bull. well yeah. --------------------------------- I feel sometimes that I'm loosing it, that firm grip seems to be loosening and I feel so… Continue reading Change, the only constant under your will. (#LoveYourselfStoryFeature)