Mid Night Scribbles

The Puff Puff Club

You know what they say about cigarettes,Its true,

It is addictive.

You start with a puff

Which turns into two 

And without realising,

It turns into a fucking forest fire.*
Come come,

Join the puff puff club.

Everyone is happy here.

We have a special friend,

Its name is cigarette.
When you are all alone by yourself,

It will give you company.

And when you have company,

Who have mutual Love for nicotine,

It turns into an activity.
You won’t ever stop,

You know.

Even if you are sick,

When the fever hits you.

You’ll still turn to cigarettes, 

To comfort you.
Come come join us,

Everything becomes better with a friend like cigarette.

You can relish its company with tea or coffee,

Or After dinner.

And when the stress hits you,

Boy, cigarette knows how to calm you.

We held on to our cigarettes

And our whiskey

And our burdens 

Like they are a piece of us.

Chained to it,

You’ll slowly be dependent on it.

“My friend, I am sorry we can’t hangout anymore. You have been affecting my health and my life. I can’t think straight without hanging out with you. Even when I don’t want to meet you, I do. Because I have lost all control over it.”
But I could never abide to my words,

And I was still a part of the puff puff club.
Until, one day.

When I was all alone and saddened by my life,

And I turned to my friend cigarette to comfort me once more,

I was hit by realisation,

That I was destroying myself,

With toxic friends.

That cigarette which I was holding,

was cut into two

And tousled in the dustin.
“Goodbye, I said.”
And if you ask me how I am,

Without my long lost friend.

I have never been so better,

I’ll say that.



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