Still I rise. #LoveYourselStoryFeature

Breakups are always painfull but they don’t end your life… Do they?
Hello everyone this is my story which depicts that loving yourself and believing in your abilities always works.

So the story starts like this..

I was a child. Yes 8th standard is too young for you to fall in love.. and I ended up doing exactly the opposite. Yes I fell in love in 8th standard, it was love for me at that point of time. Though later I realised it was mere infactuation. So this guy was a family friend and he approached me, I knew him, liked him so we started off without thinking much. As we completed one year, a girl shattered my fairy tale story. She contacted me and told me that my boyfriend is double dating me with her. I was very young and deeply exploited by his words so I didn’t believe her. So blinded by his fake care and affection I didn’t believe anyone. Many people including my sister and friends asked me to stay away from him but you know how it is when you are in love. You go blind and deaf, you don’t believe what you see instead you trust his words and fake actions. I did the same. I actually wasted 2 years of my life, with all the proofs before me I still believed what he said. But when the actual truth came infront of my eyes. I actually teared the curtains which kept me away from seeing the reality, I was heart broken, to me everything had finished. I tried to hurt myself really bad. From cutting my hands with a blade to skipping my meals I did everything possible to ruin my already damaged life. By the time I told my friends about it, I had already destroyed my self image, self confidence and the lively nature which I had. Then it was time for my board examination. I geared up and concentrated on my studies, his activities and constant calls and texts haunted me but still i managed to make my parents proud by scoring good in my boards. This was a big achievement in my life and and an eye opener too. I don’t know how I managed to do that but I did. I realised that crying and hurting yourself for unworthy people is a foolish thing to do. I started loving my self and the people I had in my life. My friends held a strong position in helping me building my confidence and bouncing back to the Real ME. My life and health improved. Now he was meaningless to me. His calls and texts didn’t bothered me and I sailed through my life peacefully.

Yes, you can get over everything and anything you just need to have confidence in yourself and a strong head. No matter how hard it is for you, you can do it. Just love yourself, never hurt yourself over a silly relationship. They can be hurting but its you who can turn the tables. Try not to focus on the negative things. If you are still holding onto your past, give it a shot and blow it out of your system. When I see those marks on my hand I don’t go into my past and cry over it, I smile and thank God that it happened because this breakup taught me to love myself, it helped me to become a better person. Firt breakups are not life ending instead they give a new meaning to your life, they teach you some very important lessons of your life and improve you as a person.

I don’t blame him for ruining my life but I thank him for making me what i am today.

It was because of him that I focused on my life and strived hard to make it the best.
Hope you learn from my story and focus on the good points of your breakup.

Just Laugh it out. Learn to respect yourself and people will respect you too. Learn to love yourself and the world will love you back. Try once, look into the mirror and ask, this is how you want your life to be? This is the way you want to live the rest of your life? Heart broken and abandoned? You will get your answer. After realising that you are not what you are seeing in the mirrior, you will try and make yourself a better person then you will meet a better version of ‘YOURSELF’


This story is by Mridu Kapoor. Beautiful and brave, thank you Mridu for sharing your story with us and inspiring us to stay true and in love with yourself.


I want more people to join in hands with me,to spread the message of the importance of LOVING YOURSELF.
It’s your turn to inspire me and others.

Tell your story. I am pretty sure we all have must have gone through a phase or must be going through and have overcome or want to overcome it.

How you made your light shine in this world, forgetting the mean comments and the down setting people. How you learned to LOVE YOURSELF.

Mail me your story on- aanchaltriveditk@gmail.com or DM or message me on Instagram or Facebook

I’ll be putting it up in the blog. It will be FEATURED!

So let’s inspire together and make this world a better place?

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