Suga Suga, looks so fine🍦🍩(Easy dessert recipes)

What do you do when your semester finals are starting in a week? The answer should be : get your shit together and study. But we are masters in procrastinating. We'll do anything but study. Suddenly everything becomes super interesting, even the ceiling fan will fascinate you. As of for me, all I did for… Continue reading Suga Suga, looks so fine🍦🍩(Easy dessert recipes)

Mid Night Scribbles

What would society think? 

"What will society think" This questions gets my blood pressure high. Not kidding.  When anyone before doing anything asks me this question, it throws me in a fit immediately. How about questionning yourself before an action.  If the action is right and is not harming anyone, why even bothering yourself with the society bullshit.  Let… Continue reading What would society think?