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Your new Gifting Messiah- The Black Box Co.

Getting the perfect gift is itself a task and the level of difficulty rises when it comes to picking up a gift for men. Females have endless of options to gift them but not the same stands for men and we always end up gifting them the ‘boring basics’ (shirt, pen, cologne, bleh!)
So, my friend’s birthday was coming up and I had to think of a gift to give him and I didn’t wanted to go for the basics. But I couldn’t think of anything!
I was lost. But then I came across The Black Box Co. the perfect gifting portal for men, offering gifts suiting personality of the person you want for. If the guy is athletic, they have something for him.
Like for example, my friend is into photography and I came across the perfect box of gifts for him.
This box is called ‘Let me take a selfie’ and it comes with a set of four items-
•A monopod
• Phone lens (macro and micro)
•Camera lens cleaner
•And a cute mug, which says ‘I shoot people’
So, I thought of this as a perfect gift for a person who is into photography ’cause-
A) It includes all the stuff which will be useful to him
B) The mug was too cute!☺
IMG_5702 (1).JPG
The black box delivers the box which you have selected at your house and the packaging looks super classy. Also, all their products (the lenses and everything) came in their sperate boxes, so you know from which company they are from. There is no compromise on the quality.
We talk about equality and when you compare, the gifting options for women are more than men. WHY should women have all the fun?It’s time for men to get some gifts too.
WHY is the man supposed to plan something special?
WHY are men expected to pamper and shower their partners with gifts?
The black box comes to your rescue for that!🎁
Another box which I found quite interesting was the ‘Whisky Business’ box.
It comes with-
1) A set of whisky glasses(and you can customize them with your names on it. Personalize your gift! )
2) Coasters
3) A whisky Flask
4) And, some snacks to compliment your drink.
It is like a ready party starter box!
And again, you can be sure of the product getting delivered to you that they are authentic in quality. Also, Black Box co also gives you the option of creating your own box with your chosen gifts! Isn’t that neat?
Motto at The Black Box Co. is – No flowers, no photos, no ribbons – Basically no frill. Fortunately for you, The Black Box Co has done all the legwork for you! After great effort and research (you’re welcome 😛 ) and have assembled the coolest stuff known to men into different collections, saving you the headache of hunting for the perfect gift. All you need to do is browse through their categories, pick what you like and have them shipped anywhere you want. Ain’t that neat?
And they have coolest set of gifts! Don’t know what to gift, go to Now!!!
I’ll see you next time!
P.s- I am coming up with my website in four dayss!!! Stay tuned🌸

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