Mid Night Scribbles

Turning 20.

Always imagined turning 20 would be like having my whole life figured out.🐳Thought I would have published a book by now. 📔

But it is poles apart.


The world hasn’t gotten any bigger for you. You’re untouched, unloved, unprepared. Your parents still pay for your gas, your friends all have internships. 🌾

One of them even got cast to be in a movie. 📽You’ve got all this talent that you don’t know how to share. You just want to fuck someone, anyone, to feel a little less like an island. 🌴

Skin burns. 

You’re about to turn twenty and you feel like you’re fifteen. 👼🏻You sleep for fourteen hours and still need a nap. The world is shrinking one empty heartache at a time. And you continue to beat yourself up with meeting the ‘goals’ (everyone talks about on social media). Don’t.
You’re about to turn twenty and they never remind you how young that is. ❤️Falling and jumping will go hand in hand. You are figuring it out and that’s okay. Lucky are the ones who are young achievers and already have a of their own house in Malibu. But you please don’t hate your existence with trashing yourself. Save that time up in knowing you and what makes you happy. Dance, chug, ride bikes, kiss someone on your first date ( maybe he/she turns out your love of life,who knows!) Live life and the figuring out part will slowly come in. 

It’s like, old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. These are your selfish years,man. 🦄💙

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