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The unseen Bandra🏡

Can we first talk about how hot Mumbai is right now?🙄 You can’t get yourself out of the house in this heat, however, we still managed to roam about in the lovely little villages of Bandra. 

Now when someone says Bandra, they will talk about the Bandra fort, Carter road, Candies and all the other cute little cafes and the posh and hip area. Oh, and also the massive street full of shopping choices. People are slowly forgetting the old charm of Bandra.

Bandra was originally a collection of 25 quaint villages, traces of which are still to be found. Walk through these villages and you can witness the charming lanes soaked in art, Catholic Churches and picturesque cottages. We were only able to cover the Ranwar village that day. 

Peaceful and warm, that is the vibe of the place. I felt as if I was walking on the streets of Panjim because the architecture of both these places are quite similar. The strong Portuguese influence of the area is reflected in the 100-year-old cottages topped with sloping red Mangalore tiles. The original house style (dating back 140 years) is a single-storied structure with an attic used originally to store grain, since the original families mostly were paddy owners.
There is a difference in these two though, you won’t find walls filled with graffiti and hints of arts and crafts here and there,in Panjim like here in Bandra.

Bollywood on the walls or just random creativity,It is a pleasure to the eyes to witness all this. 

Even the shops here had a creative twist. 

I came across a barren tree with notes tied on it’s branches. I asked someone what it is and they told me that on Christmas eve, everyone wrote their wishes and tied on this ‘christmas tree’. 

Now you know why I said warm and peaceful? Amid the cosmopolitan vibes, there is a little world in it’s own, which still likes to live simple and beautiful. 

So, for once, forget the obvious places of Bandra and explore the villages of Bandra. And if you are famished, don’t worry, eatery places like Imbiss, Birdsong cafe and many others are there to your rescue. 

Also, be sure to visit the famous Mount Mary church and other small churches in the area and be amused by the stunning interiors. 

It was an afternoon right spent. 

And now coming to the outfit I was wearing. With the scorching sun out, my pants go bye bye. (Bad joke, he he) 

I kept it cool in an overaized t shirt turned dress from Forever 21 men and a cute white choker which I made on my own. 

In my defence (for as to why I look bad), it was too hot and we were walking, for hours! 

Now for the choker, materials like these below are easily available in any shop which sells cloth and other decorative pieces. All you have to do is tie the ends and voila, your choker is ready in minutes and you’ll be saving yourself money. These simple chokers are being sold for 300 or above in the market. Crap. Where as you can buy four such materials for just 100 bucks.

Make your own choker and kiss the flowers😋🌸

That was it for today! Below are the outfit deets.

T shirt- Forever21 Men

Shoes- Koovs

Sunglasses- Rayban 

Bag- Forever21

I’ll see you next time! Like and share if you liked the post and comment what you want the next post to be on. 


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