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From my closet and DIY Bag Decor with Patches!

School’s out, sun is too damn hot to work and everyone is out and about, vacaying in the hills or some amazing destination. And here I am, stuck in 35 degrees with WORK! Arrghhhh! I want a vacation so bad and the level keeps on increasing with seeing everyones vacay snap stories.

Enough with me cribbing about life. Few days back I created this look straight from my closet. I don’t know if you have checked my previous blog post, but if you did, you’ll know that I am anti- pants in Summers.

Loose tees and shirt dresses all the way.👽 I wore a shirt dress from River Island and styled it up with Silver Statement necklace (which is the must have item in your closet) and black wedges (’cause they don’t hurt your feet and give you that extra height boost.)

For the bag I tried something different. I decorated it with patchwork!

Patchworks are the bomb this season. On denims, dresses, everywhere people are using patchwork to spice the look up.

I was going through The Karl Lagerfeld instagram page when I saw that they decorated a tote bag with patchwork and I completely loved the idea.

Now, It is pretty simple to do that at home. All you need is-

Bag (which you want to decorate)

Patchwork (you can find it online or at any local shops which sell fabric decor stuff)

And, a fabric glue. 

Checkout the video below to understand how to do it. 

I got the patchworks from a local shop in Andheri, Mumbai.

Places you can find it-

A) Any local shop which sells items related to fabric and decor 

B) Ebay, Amazon, Etsy 

Pretty easy, isn’t it? And please, be easy on me for this video (keep the hate away). This was my first attempt at a video and I promise to get better with time🐢

That was all for this look!


Shirt dress- River Island

Wedges/Bag- Forever 21

Silver Coin Necklace- The Hype Shop

Do tell if you liked this post. Comment and share. Also, send me your DIY patchwork decor. Would love to see it!❤️


2 thoughts on “From my closet and DIY Bag Decor with Patches!

    1. No, the point is. Patchwork stuff is really in nowadays. But if you go out and buy it(like in a retail shop) it is shit load expensive. Whereas you can decorate stuff with the patches at home, not many knew about it. Hence, the video.
      Putting on glue is not the tutorial, it is a part. How you can use Patchwork to decorate bags, that is the tutorial. 🙂


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