Fashion · Mid Night Scribbles

Story time.🐼

This post is not going to me talking about this outfit or about promoting a brand. This would be me being real.
I don’t know how to start. I want to talk about our unhelathy scrolling through feed for hours habit and about insecurities as a girl.
As I grew up , I developed a lot of insecurities over time about how I look. I was insecure about my hair, my weight, my face, my height. I felt like a joke in comparisson to the ‘dreamy figures, angel faced girls’. I was super awkward . I never posted pictures on social media thinking I ain’t worth it.
But I loved art, I was funny and smart (I like to think so😋) and I had people in my life who love me and I love them back (like a lot). So, I still shined. Maybe with imperfections the light still beamed through the little cracks.
I have this bad habit of scrolling through feeds for hours. “How are you so perfect?”, “What a destination to vacay at, wish I could too.”, “so perfect and look at me”. All these things going in my head and just making the insecurities go stronger.
The ‘social media’ generation in which we are living in, definetly makes loving yourself harder than ever. You feel like you must look a certain way, behave a certain way and live a certain way.
But do you really wanna look back and see a time where you hid yourseld underneath insecurites and ‘oh so amazing feeds’? You’ll be missing out on all the fun .

The fun of living like your true self and swinging through, dancing like no ones watching.
You must be thinking cut it with the old shit already .
I still have days when I am clouded by doubts. But I still give my heart a warm hug and stand . Pose awkwardly but happily and ever so proudly.
’cause if I would have let myself down by other’s peoples definition of perfection. I wouldn’t be standing here and you wouldn’t be reading this post. But the truth is something else and it is all good.

So, Dont you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks at things that shine. Be unapologetically You and live the life you want. 


Top: Bandra Market

Skirt and Boots : Forever 21

Accessories : Colaba Market



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