Back to Hogwarts and more WITH The Souled Store

The blog hit more than 10k views today and I am so so so so so happy and thankful to all of you who helped, encouraged, supported or just gave a thumbs up to my posts. ❤️ Now :

Most of you know must have heard about Souled Store and if you have not, What The fuck have you been up to? 

If your go to look is like mine, that is A cool t shirt with black leggings or denims or shorts or whatever, then you must check out the collection at

The little nerd in me got really happy when I saw the huge collection of mind blowing t shirts, Souled Store has. From friends tv show to Harry Potter they got all the merchandises of your fave tv show and movies covered. 

I got this Gryffindor t shirt from there and it is my love ever since. 

Imagine what if the Hogwarts had a different uniform, where they wore the t shirts of the houses they are in. GRYFINDORRRR!! Brave heart all the way⚡️ I think the uniform would have looked somehwat like this, below:

All the time while shooting for it, The Harry Potter theme song was playing in my head. 😋 

The best thing which I liked about the t shirt was that the material is super comfy and easy to wear even in this intense heat. Also, the designs are very fine and amazing. 

T SHIRT- The Souled Store


BOOTS- Forever 21 

Not only clothes but they also have lots of other cool stuff like Mugs, movie and tv show posters, badges, notebooks and these cute tote bags like the one below: 

Such bags are super fun and I think they look really cute for a casual look or for college/school look.

I styled this up with blue denims and white boho top with red pumps.

BAG- The Souled Store

TOP- Only 

DENIM- Forever 21


Please do check out the The souled store for more amazing stuff anddddd… Do like and share and SUBSCRIBE to the blog for more cool posts. 



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