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Basics to Braids

The entire Kardashian/ Jenner clan have been seen rocking the Braid hairstyles. From corn bows to double dutch, they look flawless in every style. I was super obsessed with braids and decided to go and get it done but I worried that it won’t look good. My hair are short and the texture is little thin towards the ends. Chances were that I would have looked like a soaked rat in braids but to my surprise, they looked pretty decent on my hair.

The problem with thin middle length hair is that it may look limp in down dos. You need to create some voluminous waves or backcomb your locks to solve this. Thin hair usually looks more appealing when they are lifted up.

Adding a little volume and practicing a little, you will be able to create effortless braids soon.

Things you will need: 

Hair Brush (duh!)

Hair clips and bands

Hair moisturizer (to damp hair)

Hair spray

Starting off:

Make sure your hair are washed before the braiding process. Braids easily made and are settled when the hair is damp.

To start off, learn the basic knots.

The problem which I used to occur in braiding was that I never really understood the whole ‘this hair section will go down and this will go up’ part. So, I found these pictures. It shows step by step, which hair segment should go where. And mostly all the braiding styles start with these basic knots.

Three Strand Braid

Four strand and multiple braids

The weaving braids

Now that you the basic knots, you won’t struggle with the simple braid hairstyles, like:

Four strand Fish Tail

Three strand braid hair crown

My favorite is the Double Dutch Braids.

Here is a easy DIY tutorial video on double dutch braids :

To keep the look of the braid fresh and to avoid the little hair peeping out of your lovely locks, use hairspray. And trust me, it doesn’t matter whether you have thin or thick hair, try few styles and see which looks the best.

Here are few style inspo, step by step!

I am still learning how to ace the braid game. In this post, I just shared the very basic information about braiding. If you want me to try a specific style, comment below and I will definitely do so! ☺️


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