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Mumbai and Alibaug (mini travel guide)🦄

I am very lucky and blessed to be staying in a city like Mumbai. It is the bollywood capital, city of dreams, city that never sleeps and a city which opens up it’s door to everyone and anyone. A city so warm that you’ll get addictive to it.

Besides the beaches, marine drive, the night life and the lifestyle, I like Mumbai because it gives you the freedom to be you. This city gives everyone a chance to do what they want to do or be in life. Endless opportunities mixed with diverse  people who have the same fire as you to achieve something, for me that is like the best part. You won’t want to live in any other city besides Mumbai once you have stayed here.

Mumbai helped me grow as a person. It has made me more adapting, patient, respectful towards everyone I meet and increased my alcohol chugging capacity (just kidding!)

A lot of my friends have come to Bombay to meet me and I used to be their travel guide, showing them around Mumbai. So, I thought why not do a mini travel guide on the places I usually take my friends to(when they are in Mumbai). And hey, the places I’ll be mentioning are pretty good!

Recently my best friends (for the past 7 years and counting) paid me a visit in Bombay and they stayed for a week. This is how we chiiiilllledddddd :

Day 1 : 

Reaching Delhi to Mumbai: 

You can travel by train or plane. The train will take a whole day to Reach Mumbai. Whereas, it is only a 2 hour flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

I was waiting for them at Domestic Airport and their flight landed on international👻 Never mind tho. This was clicked when we re united.

Wearing: Forever21 top and shorts with shoes.

After refreshing themselves, I took them to Prithvi Cafe’ for lunch.

The Prithvi Cafe is an open air cafe hugged by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants.
A little oasis of tranquillity in the middle of the Mumbai. Especially know for it’s Irish Coffee, Cutting Chai and Brownies.🌸

The Prithvi Theatre and the cafe are right side by side.

The Prithvi Theatre is a subsidiary of the Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial Trust & Research Foundation. You can watch some great plays here and if you are lucky, might also spot some celebrities.☺️

I can write a separate blog post on Prithvi Cafe because it has so much and is just so amazing. It is a must must visit.

Pasta and Garlic bread with big Vertigo cake on the side💗

After the lunch, I showed them around a little and I could tell by their faces that they were already in love with Mumbai.

Next, I took them to Hoppipola, Khar to show how the Mumbaikars party here.

Khar in Mumbai has some great night out places where you can have a bomb time. Click on the name to know more about it:

Three wise Monkeys
Light House Cafe
Khar Socials

Day 2 : 

For second day, I decided to show them places in Bandra.  I took them for lunch to Candies. Which is a beautiful place. It is a Bunglow in Bandra which is converted into a cafe.

Ain’t my babies beautiful? 💗

Candies is also very in budget. A lunch for four people only costed us 1000 bucks.

After lunch, we visited Carter road and Bandstand. The Carter road is a kilometer long walkway along the sea on the west side of Bandra. We clicked pictures, played with dogs and just stopped and enjoyed the scenic beauty in front of us. Carter road also has a huge walkway on its’ opposite side, which is filled with different eatery places. Big celeb houses like Shahruk Khan’s and Salman Khan’s home are in Bandra and so is the Bollywood walk of fame.

In the night we went to True Tramm Trunk for dinner and it was lit.🔥😛

More places you can try(for dinner and parties) in and around Juhu and Bandra:

True Tamm Trunk
Gadda La Vida
Triology, Sea Princess

Day 3 : 

We visited the town💗 Churchgate, Colaba, Gateway of India, Taj hotel and the Marine Drive are the most famous spots which you must visit.

You must go to town via sea link if you are on the other side and that you are travelling by car.

Have you seen the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Do you remember that dialogue, “In that moment, we felt infinite.” ? Well, that is how I feel every time I pass the sea link.

If you get a craving for Starbucks in Mumbai, go no where but to this place :

Colaba Causeway is a superb place for all the shopaholics. You’ll find some great stuff here and that too at dirt cheap rates.

Some place you can visit for food and drinks in town:

Colaba Socials
Bade Miya And Gokul
We went to Ghettos that night. It is a really cool place. The inside walls are covered with graffiti in neon lights and scribbles at the customers. They serve a big bowl of popcorn with your drinks for free and you can refill it n number of times, again, for free! (Sorry, I love popcorn too much😛)

Day 4 and 5: 

We headed  to Alibaug💗Mumbai has tonnes of getaway places near it. Lonaval, Panchgani, Matheran, Karjat etc. (mention in the comments if you want a post on getaway places near mumbai👻)

How to reach Alibaug: 

Ferry: Mumbai to Alibaug via ferry takes only 40 minutes to reach.

Bus: It takes around 4-5 hours to reach Alibaug via bus from Mumbai. We took a bus from BKC straight to the Alibaug bus stop (which drops you in the city).

We stayed at Big Splash resort which was 10 minutes from the bus stop.

We visited Alibaug at off season time i.e during the monsoons. Even the use of ferries for commute stops. But we still had the best time.

The weather was really soothing and everything just felt perfect.

We chilled by the pool and took a lot of selfiessss🙈🙈

We were told that because of the rains, Alibaug beach was shut. So we headed to Naga beach and we were really disappointed once we reached there . The beach was filled with men drinking and smoking. We didn’t felt safe, so we left.

Alibaug is a really small place which is covered with lush green grass and has an amazing scenic view and clean beaches. Keeping aside this one blowout, I would definitely recommend you, this place for your weekend getaway.  ‘Cause if not, then you’ll be missing out on this:

This is Akshi beach. Other places you can visit in Alibaug:

Kolaba Fort

Korlai Fort

Kashid Beach

Underi( for hiking)

Day 6: 

Two of my friends visited the famous Siddhivinayak temple, in Bandra  and Iskcon temple, in Juhu. While I took the third one for big meal 😛 at B’wiched cafe.

After that, we all spent the day shopping at Bandra and basically, spent all our money🙈

But it was our last day together in Bombay and we had to go out somewhere . We went to a really cheap place called Seven Hills. The prices are really cheap but it is a good place in it’s own. You’ll mostly find college crowd  and everyone is just having fun there. We made new friends there, danced a lot, I slipped on the stairs and fell. It was a good night.

And then, my babies left for Delhi. 💔

I had the time of my life. Again, I’ll say, very blessed to experience Mumbai with my best friends. And although I stay in Mumbai, but you can never get bored of this city.Even if you have visited very place here twice. It feels new every single time❤️
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Loveeeeee youuuuu,

One thought on “Mumbai and Alibaug (mini travel guide)🦄

  1. While reading the blog I felt that I personally visited all the places. Sure you all had a wonderful time. Love all my daughters so much. Enjoy life ….


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