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The Man Company

Okay Boys, buckle up! I have something for you, today. I am going to introduce you to a company, curated especially for men.

For centuries, grooming is seen something which is very feminine. The picture was that a man should be rugged and rough, and not smell like a flower. There has been a gap in the grooming products, which were mostly created for women. But that thing is changing. We see more and more company’s coming in, bringing to you a range of products designed especially for men and I believe, the company who did an excellent job is THE MAN COMPANY

Let me tell you why,

They have created the most awesome grooming product line for men.

We used experts in the field to arrive at what we should make and how. After rigorous testing of these products, we were ready with some really awesome products. So, the next logical step was to make them available to every Indian man at a reasonable price.- The Man Company

India lacked in that sector, there weren’t enough products specifically designed for men. The Man Company wants to bring the ‘Groomed Man’ back to cool. And lets be honest here boys, no one likes a sweaty man. But if the man is neat and well groomed, he automatically looks attractive.

We women already have so many exclusive products for us, that shower gel, that body scrub and all. The Man Company gurantees you that their products will give you that ‘fresh out of the spa’ look, everytime you use their products!

Well, I have also noticed one thing that men usually don’t pay much attention to the ingredients used in the products, like we women do. But you should know about the ingredients.

The Man Company products are an amalgamation of elements carefully crafted to provide for an enriching experience. They rejuvenate mind and body, whether venturing into the jungle or breaking goals in the boardroom.

I ordered a trial pack first which had small samples of :


Shower Gel

Face Wash

Shave Gel

Every ingredient used has it’s own benefits: 


Shave Gel (Lemon Oil)

A slice of lime can do the trick for all you men out there. Its amazing skin rejuvenating properties gets rid of all those cloggy pores. The citrus aroma keeps you feeling active 24X7.

Face Wash( Argan Oil)
A hard nut to crack, the Argan Nut grows in the driest sands of Morocco and its secreted oils are as an oasis in a desert, replenishing and fulfilling for your scalp to the core.

Body Wash (Black Pepper)

Black fights black. Black pepper helps you get rid of those ever-annoying blackheads. It’s rich in anti-oxidants and lightens the skin tone so that you are all set for your date or the board meeting.

Shampoo( Coffee)

Nothing like a cup of coffee to kick-start your day. It’s even better in the shower with its amazing skin exfoliating features. Coffee clears away dead skin cells and increases blood circulation. Plus, its rich essence recharges your senses.

They have more variety of products like soaps, beard oil and fragrances.

Another thing, which I like about the Man Company is their packaging. They send the products in neat boxes which makes your whole experience more special.

Also, they have various combo packages like The Starter Kit (sample products) , The whole Gang (includes all the products) and the Dark Kindom (includes fragrance and other products).

So all these cool combos and packaging also makes these products a great gifting option. Time to spoil your men? I think it is!

The Man Company hits all the checkpoints! Making it probably the best grooming line for men.

Get your wallets out ladies and gentlemen, you won’t wanna miss on this one! Below is the link to the site. The second link will direct you directly to the list of combo deals. (Psst- They will deliver the products to your doorstep, hurry!)


The Man Company, selling attractiveness! You know what I mean😉

Untill next time!


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