Fashion · Mid Night Scribbles

You need to Grow Up

What if I dress like this,

A little sexy

A little playful.

Show a little skin,

And dance with no care.

If You haven’t grown up,

You’ll say I am of doubtful character.

A girl who is asking for it.

A girl who is indecent.

A girl with no shame.

Now what if I told you,

That I have more male friends than female ones.

and that I am happy with that.

Then you’ll term me as an attention seeking bitch.

‘Cause if a girl is surrounded by boys,

She is doing so for the sake of attention.


Even worse,

You will call me a whore.

Now what if you met me for the first time,

And I greeted you well and am friendly with you.

Will you think I am easy?

Will you think I am being a flirt?
Now that I know,

That you are still stuck in a constrict mentality block.

Let me clear a few things with you.

• Most of the days, I’ll be sitting in big tshirts and track pants, and the day you saw me dressed sexy, was the day I let my playful side out.

I was happy to show just how confident I am in my own skin. Comfortable enough to not shy away from having a little fun.

So please. Don’t creep out or be grossed out by my appearance. Don’t comment on my character. And especially, don’t comment on my body.

It was us (society) who decided that 36-24-36 was the perfect figure. It was us who declared covering up as the sign that one is ‘pure’.

Mind that you grow up and change?

It takes a lot of courage to accept oneself as we are. So please, don’t destroy with your assumptions and comments.

• Now,

Who said that if a girl and a boy is talking, it is only because they want to fuck?

I do have a lot of guy friends. But I also, have loved only one guy (and probably ever will)

I am more of a tomboy and I share BRO CODE kinda relationship with all my guy friends.

Just because God has made us (boy/girl) biologically different. It doesn’t mean that you should have a different approach to each other.

I treat everyone with the same love, respect and spontaneity. It doesn’t matter to me if you have a vagina or a penis. As long as you have a heart which beats like everyone else, you will get the same treatment.

So, you jerk. Grow up. And learn to accept the changing stage.

Even girls can be sexual beings and it is not something we should be ashamed of.

So before setting up an assumption for a girl, think twice.

‘Cause I am sick of security guard and the aunties judging my saturday night outfit.

I am tired of guys asking me out the minute I open up a little to them.

And I am disgusted when people say that I have some problem in me ’cause I have so many guy friends.

I am normal. Everyone is built a different way.

Shouldn’t you just accept it. Live and let live?


Dress: Zara

Denim Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Wedges: Forever21

Shades: Rayban

Watch: Calvin Klien
Untill next time!

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