From my Closet (3 looks!)

How you doin’ , sweet pudding?

In today’s post I’ll be sharing three looks with you. I am very experimental with all kind of styles. I think everyone should keep on trying new styles. Just sticking to one kind of dressing, in my opinion is very boring and unadventurous. Earlier, my style routine was limited to black anything in the bottom and a big loose t shirt. It is only lately that I’ve been trying more looks and dressing all fancy. I mean I still occasionally go back to track pants and big loose t shirts but hey it’s just sometimes (lazy girl problems, yaaa know).

The deal is to not be afraid that how a different style can look on you. You can make any outfit your bitch if you just know how to work it. Sounds confusing? Let me take you through:

I have never had the best toned body but that never stopped me from feeling beautiful. I wear whatever I want and not to brag, people always say that I look good. It is just how you work the outfit, with CONFIDENCE. You should know your good areas, be proud of it and own the world. With a good attitude about yourself and confidence, you can rock any outfit.

Look 1:

I love printed cotton tops which gives a bohemian feel. They are very comfortable and you just feel like swirling in them.  I wore it with printed shorts. I love boho print on boho print and this is something which I would wear to beach, casual outing or just when I want to feel like a free bird.


Shorts: Thrift shopped from Goa






Look 2 and 3:

Fishtail and skaters skirts works best for you, if you have a small waist and a little heavy bottom. It accentuates the good part and again, you can’t help swirling in them as they are so comfy to move in.

I teamed the second look with a plain white camisole and a printed scarf. It is a day look, perfect for brunches and outings. I love just how young and fresh this look is.

Camisole, Skirt and Bag: Forever21

Wedges: Woodland

Met this cutie during shoot! 


For the third look I wore a skater flower printed skirt and a cold shoulder top (which is the in trend currently). This is more of an evening look. Team it up with strappy heels!

Top: Veni Vidi Vici

Skirt: Forever21




Hope you liked the looks and remember to keep a loving attitude towards yourself. Because the day you accept the flaws and carry yourself the confidence and love, is the day you’ll start owning, not just your outfit but the world too!

Keep loving.




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