{All About} Broaster Chicken India

Newly opened in Mumbai, The Broaster Chicken India is already the talk of the town. Celebs and top bloggers have been gracing the place with their presence and they are all in praise about the Broaster Chicken India.

And to be honest, this place deserves all the praise because it is just that good!



About Genuine Broaster Chicken 


Broaster Chicken India is a franchise of the popular brand Genuine Broaster Chicken.

Broasting is a unique cooking method developed in 1953 under it’s founder and inventor L.G.M Phalem. He combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer into one process.

So, the chicken prepared with this technology is 50% deep fried and 50% cooked in high pressure. Making the chicken 50% less oily and all the more healthy. And speaking of the taste, you will keep on coming back for more of the juicy, crispy and healthy chicken.

GBC is in 37 countries globally and has plans to open more franchises in India too.


When and where


Opened on 10th August, 2016 at Versova, Mumbai. Broaster chicken india has Mr.Harpal Singh as it’s brand ambassador. The celebrity chef has brought his magic to the menu too! In his own words:

“As a brand ambassador, I have taken a huge leap ahead and have made an attempt to put a Indian heart in an American Soul. Enjoy my own version of comfort food with a twist for people on the go.” 

Chef’s Specials!

Just the look of the mouth watering dishes made me make up my mind to try it out! So, me and my friends decided to get #broasted for a Monday night dinner. After all, you deserve the pampering after a days hard work.



The FOOD!❤️


Now coming to my favorite part. Below are the dishes that we have tried and we absolutely loved each and every single item.






Chulbul Soda, is coke infused with zingy roasted cumin and chaat masala. My friend wanted to try something sweet, so he order the Bulbul Soda, which is orange soda with salted caramel. Both the drinks were simply refreshing and yum.

Palang Tod:
This drink is quite interesting. It is a virgin version of Jager Bomb. The Jagermister is replaced with espresso shot. Giving you an energy kick once you have it!
Also, they have great milkshakes (chocolate and Caramel, my favs)!




For starters we had,

The Legendary Genuine Broaster Chicken platter . It came with three dips (mango,curry and jalepeone). It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Sounds like KFC? but only it is much more tastier.

Chicken Idli! For the first time I heard about chicken idlis and I had to try it. Absolutely delicious! It just melts in your mouth. Also, very healthy!

Firangi Palak Paneer Dip comes with Pitta Bread:
You got to try it! Try pitta bread with the India twist dip.


Main Course (yeah, we hogged a lot🙈)


Penne Makhani
: Penne pasta but this time with the makhani gravy we always love to eat. It comes with garlic bread and is a fusion of Indian and Italian flavours. Blended together, resulted in perfection.

Boaster Chicken India has a wide varieties of burgers from which you can choose for. It comes with french Fries as the sides. We ordered for:

Fried Jack Burger: Melting Chicken and cheese cubes with onion, tomato and spicy mayo.

Peter Punjab Burger: Masala grilled chicken patty with crunchy greens smoked in BBQ glaze.

And don’t worry you veg lovers. Don’t let the name deceive you. BROASTER CHICKEN INDIA has n number of vegetarian dishes too! One burger which I found quite interesting was the Palak Paneer Burger. 

Mutton Biryani:

The only place where I liked the taste of mutton was this one. It was tender and juicy. The Briyani comes with a small serving of masala raita.





No meal feels complete without a good dessert.

Gulkhand Muffin:

One of the chefs special, gulkhand muffin is pure perfection. The rose petals are used to naturally sweeten the muffin. It even smells delicious.

Chocolate Samosa with mango ice cream:

Small samosas packed with crunchy chocolate inside and served with cold mango ice cream and oh, it is glazed with chocolate icing too! It’s hard not to love the sweet fusion of flavors in your mouth.


The Interior

Soft lighting, cozy sitting arrangements with good music playing in the background. The whole place has a rustic vibe and has some quirky decorative pieces here and there. The walls have funny little scribbles of chicken jokes😋 on them.


To sum it all up, Broaster Chicken India is unique, has great food, great service and it leaves you feeling warm (both in your heart and tummy🙈).

If you are looking for a new place to try, take my advice and go for Broaster Chicken India.
Also, share with your foodie friends this post if you liked it. Let them know there is a new great place where they can treat their taste buds!




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