My Home Away From Home #shortcityrides


Mumbai, a city which played a huge role in shaping me into a person that I am today: independent, confident and more in terms with myself. It has taught me a million of things, like how one adjusts, how one chases dreams, how one loves and moreover, it has given me a home away from my native home.

I stay in a flat in Juhu which I share with three other people, it is not that fancy but it sure feels no less than how a home feels. One thing great about Mumbai is that it has a lot of escape places where you can seek solitude on the days when everything gets too much. Even my house is surrounded by a lot of beautiful escapes, of which I can never get enough of. So, let me take you around my favorite places on my lovely cycle from Mach City .

The Beach

Juhu Beach is just a whooping 10 minutes away from my place. To be honest it is not the cleanest beach you’ll ever see but it definitely is a happening place to be at. Kids playing in the water, people out there walking their dogs, couples holding hands and strolling, this beach is full of live stories and it just makes you all the more lively. Of course other great factors like the cool breeze and the calming sound of the waves, are there too. But it is the hustle and bustle, the yummy street food and the people, which make it special.

I always go to the beach for a walk, when I need to clear my head and it somehow has always helped.


Images by: Nalin Khanna {click on the name to see more of his work}

Sunsets at Juhu Beach.


Prithvi Cafe

This place is magical. There is something about the vibe of it which makes you calm and makes you think more clearly, more artistically perhaps.

The food is great and cheap too. You gotta try the amazing Vertigo Cake here. Prithvi theatre and Prithvi cafe are conjoined and you get a fusion of art and food🌸 According to me, it is about the people you meet here. Everyone you’ll meet is unique in it’s own. You’ll have to visit it to get a better understanding of what I am saying.And oh, if you are lucky enough and get there around 9 pm, you might witness the most soothing and amazing tunes, coming out from the flute of this gentlemen. He plays at Prithvi every other night and that too just for his own passion.

Prithvi is a feeling, whch cannot be described in words.

Vertigo Cake!

Prithvi Cafe too, is just 10-15 minutesaway from my house.

The Movies and the Cafes

Chandan Cinema and PVR Juhu are side by side and only 5 minutes away from my place. Of course, everyone knows PVR is great for quality experience at the movies but well, whenever there is a Salman Movie that you want to watch, you gotta try Chandan Cinemas for that. You’ll experience the proper desi feels there, with people dancing at every song and whistling at the bomb dialogues. It is fun!

And well speaking of cafes, there is one in every corner. However, my favorites are:

B’witched cafe (2 min from house) : Great burgers and shakes!


Alfredos (10 min from house): Amazing pastas and well, wine❤️

Moshes (10 min from house) : Perfect option for a Sunday Brunch. The pancakes and waffles are to die for.



Well Juhu is also the home for the legend himself, Mr. Amitabh Bachan and well though I stay 5 minutes away from his house. I was never that lucky to spot him 🙈

The famous, holy ISKCON temple is also in Juhu. It is a place to be at during the festive time, the decorations, ambiance, the crowd everything feels so positive and enthralling!

Well, these are few of my favorite places around my house! There are tons of other places which I want you too see and will do so soon. Earlier I used to travel via local transport but ever since I bought my own cycle here, it is like I am free bird, free to flap thy wings and go anywhere I wish to, while the wind talks to my hair. Travelling like this is definitely more fun, since you get to see as well as feel the route and the people you see. And well, a great way to stay fit too!


If you too are looking for some sweet rides which you can buy, Mach City offers you some great cycles in smart finish and swanky colors.

This was my first Short City Ride in Juhu, to you. Next up, will be Bandra or Town?

You gotta stick around and see for yourself. Also, send me your #shortcittride stories. I would love to read them as well as feature it on my blog.

I’ll see you next time.



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