#ShortCityRide {An Evening in Bandra}

Heyy Everyone ! I am back with one more #shortcityride post for you and this time I am showing you around my favorite places in Bandra. Well, Bandra always fills my heart with warmth and joy, and if given a choice, I would like to have my own house in Bandra. It is full of life and there are just so many places around, where you just go relax or party or just experience life. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Mumbai.

So, once again, I took a ride on my Mach City (I am so much into cycling now!) and revisited my favorite places.


The Sea Link

Wanna experience feeling infinite and all magical at once? Well, seeing the early morning sunrise or the late evening sunset at Sea Link, will give a similar kind of feeling. Looking at an infrastructure so colossal and quintessential with the sea waves hitting it, you are just taken a back and will keep on getting back there, to experience a sight like this.

Images by: Yaat.ree

The Calm

And The Storm

Bandra Bandstand

Well, if you are a Bollywood fan this will be a great spot for you to visit. Why? Well, this might be the closest you can be to the heart and soul of Bollywood, as a lot celebs houses are there (for example: Shahruk Khan and Salman Khan!!) and well, the place is next to the sea, where you ca enjoy a lovely stroll, drink some tea (maybe, smoke a cigarette) and just feel in the Mumbai vibes. Aaaand the Bandra Worli Sea Link is very close to it too!

View From Bandstand

Carter Road

My absolute favorite place ever! I have visited this place about a thousand times and I still never miss an opportunity of going there. Every time I go there, it is a new feeling.

It is a beautiful kilometer long walkway, beside the sea.So what is so special about it? Well, it is the different kind of people you get to see there which makes it lively and special. All stages of life : kids playing, couples romancing, old couples holding hands and walking to maintain their health, cute little dogs having a blast with other cute little dogs, I can sit there for ages and just feel happy to see so many sets of life just passing by.

Yesterday, I cam across a school which had no blackboards no chairs but a bunch of enthusiastic kids, working hard to  learn and a lady (who is a blessing in disguise) trying to give them a better future by teaching them, making them realize the importance of learning, which I think is the best kind of a gift one can give to another.

Mrs. Mira Mamnani runs Navjyot Foundation, who gives underprivileged kids a chance to learn and do something better in their life.She worked in RBI in her early life and has kids who are successful and doing great, and she credits education, the key to success. She is on a mission to give these kids, like her own, an education which can help them to shape their future.

Mrs Mira teaching her students.
She doesn’t want cheque or cash or kind, all she wants is more people to actually come and join in this noble cause. So if you too want to help her and teach these kids, below is her contact info and you can get in touch with her, to know how you can work with her too!


Contact: 9004390819 / 9819421398

My Favorites: Carter Blue, Emprino, Masala Bar and The Guilt Trip
Seee! That’s what I am talking about. Carter Road is pure love! And oh, at opposite side of the road, there is a street full of eatery places. Heaven? Well, maybe!


TheObrama: Know as the ‘food of the Gods’. This place is a must visit, do try the brownies!


Candies: I have done a complete separate post on Candies earlier (you can check it out HERE , because it is just that good! Number of variety of snacks and shakes at very affordable prices.


Poetry by Love and Cheesecake: Yummy desserts, wholesome breakfast, cozy ambiance, need I say more?


The Bird Song Cafe: For the vegan lovers, this place is perfect for you!


Imbiss: And, for all you meat lovers, Imbiss is the best place (5/5) to enjoy a good juicy variety of meats. All so fresh and yummy!

The unseen Bandra

Away from the hustle and bustle, Bandra has another side to it, which is calm and alluring. This place is covered in art, from grafitti and big art on walls to the breath taking architecture of the houses there. You can spend a whole day there and I bet, you won’t get bored. You can read an entire post on this HERE



So this sums it up. I urge you to go and explore now. Don’t just go to a place, experience it in terms of the surroundings, the people there and the vibes. I am 100% sure that it will make your trip more worthwhile and amazing.

Also, why don’t people go on cycle dates anymore? It should be a thing.

Just saying, Mach City offers a great range of cycles for both she and he. Go hop on some bikes and go on adventures!

Send me your #ShortCityRides stories, I would love to read them and maybe I will feature them here too!

I’ll see you next time,





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