Your new weekend/weekday spot: The PDT (Please Don’t Tell) review 


Did you know that during the alcohol prohibition period (1920s-) in England, the beer lovers found a new way to sneakingly satisfy their thirst. There were bars behind the telephone booths, in which you can enter ONLY if you had the password.


PDT bought this same and unique concept here in Mumbai, India. It is a secretive bar hidden behind the red telephone booth and The Pan Shop. And what is the password for the entry? Well, it is your table reservation number !

You get inside the telephone booth, dial the number five, someone will answer it on the inside, tell them your table reservation number and voila! Opens the door to this really cool place.

Food and Drinks 

PDT has an amazing list of cocktails. Great presentation, yummy and refreshes/buzzes you immediately.

We ordered for:

Puzzle Guzzle (PDT special) – Vodka with muddled fresh ginger, mint springs, lemons, freshly pressed grapefruit juice, soda and a splash of ginger bread syrup.

P.D.T old fashioned: A signature PDT drink.

Mint Julep: Bourbon, whiskey, mint, demerara syrup.

PDT has a very quirky menu with signature food and drink items and to be honest, everything looked yummy. And hence, we ordered a lot of food!

Butter Chicken Rolls– You can never go wrong with rolls! The chicken was fresh and spicy rolled in tender rumali roti.

If you already follow me on Instagram (ID: @thegypsypanda), you must have seen this picture with a mention that PDT gets a 5/5 on presentations. And that’s for sure.

Street Secret– Vada Pav with fried green chills, dry gunpowder and pudina chutney.

Middle East Conspiracy: Hummus with crudités, pita and lavash.

I’ll specially wanted to mention this that, PDT is the only place where I had bread so fresh, warm and yummy. You gotta try it to understand what I am saying.

Chicks on Sticks (what a quirky name!)– Teriyaki Chicken Skewers.

Prawn Star- Bacon 💗 wrapped prawn(the absolute best!)

And well, pastas and fries are mandatory.
Party Girl– PDT’s take on the classic Italian Carbonara with cheesy fries.


The Dark Chocolate Cake was the yummiest happy ending I have ever had. If the candy ‘choco pie’ was turned into a cake, it would have tasted something like this.

Soft, gooey and heart warming.

We also tried the PDT paan which was too, delicious and sweet. Outside PDT they have their own whole spot for Pan! And have n number of varieties from which you can pick your fave!

The Events

PDT has special events for all the days of the week. Let me break it down for you:

Tuesday are Girl’s Night Out– Where you get cocktails @ 99 only. They also have special discounts for you, like 50% off your bill if you are a gang of seven. A complimentary drink if you are wearing red heels and other special offers.

If you are a Bollywood fan, tune in PDT on Wednesday for a fun Bollywood Mashup Night.

Thursdays are Happy Thursdays at PDT with Food and Drinks at special prices.

Calling out all the party animals for a Hip Hop and Retro night on Saturdays @PDT.

PDT also rewards customers for their loyalty. If you choose to become a regular and part of the PDT Prohibition Club (for Rs 2,000 a month), you enter the bar by scanning your fingerprint – James Bond style. You also get a 15 per cent discount on your bill every time and exclusive access to members-only events.

They also have other special on going events like these:

Screenshot (29).png

The Ambiance 

The industrial decor- thick exposed brick, pipes and air conditioner ducts, which fits perfectly into the Prohibition-era vibe of the place.

Great music, very quirky coasters and I also loved there bathroom interior, which had chalked graffiti all over the doors.

To wrap it up, PDT is a super fun place with a unique concept, signature food and drinks, great & welcoming service, dark/nice ambience with a great set of events happening almost everyday.

What else do you need for a great time? Plan you weekends (and weekdays) at PDT this time!

Location: Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

You can also check them out here:

I’ll see you next time!

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