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Case of a Wandering mind

Google defines ‘wandering mind’ as : Mind-wandering (sometimes referred to as task-unrelated thought) is the experience of thoughts not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time, particularly when people are engaged in an attention-demanding task.

Now my question to you is, Are you a stuck up case of a wandering mind? I sure a hell am.

However, my case is slightly different from the definition laid on the internet. Let’s break it down to three parts on how my brain gets to wandering away.

Here it is how it goes,

  1. I am present in front of you, nodding to every word you speak but in reality my head has taken me to a hundred different places in that minute. Sprawling with thoughts every second.

What should my next post be about? 

Oh, I have to do this and that and that too! 

Am I attractive? Should I shop that outfit? What should I eat? 

Oh, I got an idea for a new post!

*Spoof* and off I go on my thought wagon.

I sometimes get exhausted with all the exercise my brain does in a minute at times. It is at times good too because all the thought crawling results in great ideas for my work (blog).

However, in all honesty wandering mind is a dangerous mind. If you have the same case as mine where you keep on thinking of the next thing all the time, I suggest let’s both stop and live in  the sweet present that we have with us.

We can worry about tomorrow for 10 minutes or an hour a day and then just ‘live the moment’ because that ain’t gonna be back and you will surely regret being truly engaged in something for once.
2.Sometimes, the mind wandering happens on purpose when we ‘day dream’ of a fancier       world than our reality. That fancier world is very comforting and nice; I have everything       that I want and I am everything that I want to be. But let’s not let that day dream make         us hate our current situation. Never be consumed by your own thoughts.

Why not build that fancier world for real? That will never happen if you won’t stop dreaming and actually get up from your ass and think how you can build it. TIP: Keep on working towards your goal and visualize it too. If you dream about a vacation home in Hawaii then WORK but also visualize yourself chilling by the pool in that house. This is known as ‘Letting the Universe know your wishes’. Just keep on working hard and let the Universe handle the ‘fate’ and ‘luck’ part. If you don’t understand what I am talking about then search : THE SECRET on google and educate yourselves. 

Only dreaming and no work won’t get ya anywhere and the Universe won’t/can’t help you too.

     3. If you scroll up and down Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for hours of your day, your mind will never be a happy place and will always be wandering and be filled with  useless info and opinions. I myself have spent hours, making mind wander into thousand different directions at seeing the perfect lives of people on social media       and thinking WHY THE FUCK I AIN’T LUCKY like them.

Ever since I have started blogging, I have realized just how easy it is to design a fake, fancy life for people to admire and I know  for a fact about 90% of the people you get jealous of on Instagram are fooling us almost 100% of the time.

So, is it really worth to let our minds wander off because of fake realities? I think not. The next time you see a post you admire it to a point of jealousy, hit the like button and stop your brain from hating or cursing your life.

Coming back to point two, work hard and design a life which is better than those fake realities you see on social media. And I bet, you can.

About the outfits:

Look one 

Wore everything black to let my denim skirt be the main focus of attraction.

Boots | Bag: Forever21

Skirt: Colaba Market (I actually ripped this from an old denim dungaree, gave it for a stich and transformed it into a skirt🙈)

Bag Charm: Koovs (Bag Charms are great. They can add a little fun and flavour element to a plain simple bag)

Top: Koovs again!

Look Two:

We were exploring shoot locations in the old villages of Bandra and we spot so many cool walls and houses which would work perfect for backdrops. I was carrying  my outfits with me and we shot this look out of spontaneity.

Here I am wearing a baby doll pink dress, accessorized with silver jewelry.

Since this shoot was out of the blue, I wasn’t carrying the right bag and shoes to match and do justice to this look. Hence, you’ll see the same boots and bag from the previous look.

However, I would suggest Inject a fun fashion twist into your pink dress look by experimenting with color blocking. Bright pinks look particularly inviting with an equally bright counterpart — think electric yellow, turquoise, cobalt or even ruby red.

You can even try metallic s for adding a twist to your outfits.


Jewelry: Bandra Fashion Street
Also, I know I haven’t been the most regular with my posts but juggling college assignments, exams and posting is a tad bit harder then I thought. But I promise, now no looking back and only entertainment for you guys with my posts.

Comment and let me know what you thought of this post!


2 thoughts on “Case of a Wandering mind

  1. I like your point about fake lives on social media. One thing I’ve learned is that “life online” can be two-tiered.

    You can sniff out eventually who’s fake and who isn’t. It’s not easy to do, but it can be done.

    I’m much more experienced at blogging. I’m new to Instagram and I’m now starting to figure out who to follow and who not to. Central is learning the difference between “entertainment” versus “friends.” They are two very different online creatures. 🙂


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