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I can see why people say that 3 a.m is the most vulnerable time, not because it is the devils hours when you can easily get possessed ( hehe, bad joke), but because it gets the little girl  that is inside you out, who is truly honest with her emotions. Today, I will like to tell you a little story.


There was a little girl named Kristeen. She had brown, slightly golden-ish hair, was not very tall but also not very short and was wide boned (other word which I’ll just use for ‘plump’). She never considered herself pretty and always envied the girls on the Tv and the magazines.

She was born in a big town but was bought up in a small town. You know the kinda towns where everyone knew everybody. Town that was untouched by the fancy world, where only simple pleasures like going out for dinner with family, a car ride with your boyfriend/girlfriend and a movie with friends were considered big things. This town didn’t had many branded shops or big malls and it  was loitered with narrow minded people. The limited thinking horizons of the people never touched Kristeen though. She continued to dream big, held onto those imaginations and remained a jolly kid. No one ever expected anything out of her. They all saw her plain, simple average. Hell, her own parents thought the same way too and never really put any effort into grooming her or encouraging her to do something extraordinary.


But well Kristeen, she was a stubborn kid. She had no idea what she was good at or what she wanted to do but she  surely knew one thing about her : that she can never be a happy and a satisfied soul if she went down as an ordinary. So, she continued to dream and at the same time kept on trying to find ‘her call’.

Let me tell you this, Kristeen always aced at school. She was good at studies, was actively participating in events and for some time, was kinda a hit with the boys too. But then came a down point in her life. She hit rock bottom, couldn’t focus or do anything during that period. She saw escaping from the town, from the people as the only way to living up again. And that is what she did. She worked hard and got into a college in a BIG CITY, far far away from her original place.

She was happy, not only for the reason that she escaped that dark place. But because during a period when she cried for help when no one was around, she helped herself and in the process discovered a thing she loved. ‘Her call’ was: writing. It made her happy and she really enjoyed doing it and believed something big could come out of it.



Now let me get this straight, when you suddenly get this enormous amount of freedom and see endless opportunities around you, you tend to go bonkers for a while. You let all that sunk in and enjoy the start of a beautiful ride. That’s what Kristeen did too. She relaxed, she partied, she made new friends and just lived. Hey, don’t judge just right in. I know she was so ‘stubborn’ for success but a girl gotta live and let loose for some time. I believe that this ‘break’,  just made her future decisions better and made her more wiser.


All was fine, Kristeen even loosed a few pounds. Until one day, all the relaxing and parting finally got to her nerve and she started feeling guilty. Guilty for not running after her dreams. Her goal was to be a published author and there were few other goals too but  I’ll tell you that after some time. Her friend suggested her to start a blog, to see if people liked the way she created content. That would also help her to know her strong points and improve her weaker ones.

A girl who has done nothing big ever in life, now has to go full out, in front of an audience that can make or break her confidence with their criticism. She was scared to start a blog but you know, she was a ‘stubborn’ child with big dreams in her eyes. A blog was created and she started writing and creating. All those creations were original and came straight from her heart. She never had anyone teach her how to write, how to click a photo or how to ‘pose’. She slowly learned all that in the process *also thanks to YouTube videos*.

And people somehow liked her for being her.


So, she continued and is till learning and creating. She goofs up sometimes. Still has days when she doesn’t want to get out of the blanket but she never did and never will give up.

I had a word with her the other day and she told me this beautiful thing: “I still don’t know  exactly when and how I will achieve my goals but at least I am trying like a fighter. I keep on working and in the process I grow. I see my strengths now and the things I need to improve in myself. I am slowing getting to know me. The true me. To take a big step which takes you out of that comfort zone is scary but take this from a girl like me, who has never taught to do anything good. She is finally learning things and sees herself closer to a future she always dreamed of, one step or shall I say, one ‘post’ at a time. ”

One thing which I  like about Kristeen is that she is original. She writes and speaks her mind. Yesterday, she got a call from her relatives from the narrow minded town who  told her that her writing about tattoos near her boob is pure disgrace. Maybe those people are right or maybe they should get out of their shitty judge-y cocoon. At least Kristeen is honest with her work. Whatever she writes  is 100% her.

Let me tell you this, I know for sure that she is going to keep on growing and changing with time and so will her work. But one thing I guarantee you that she will continue to deliver excellent and honest content, And surprise those motherfuckers who mistook her because she is extraordinary in her own way.




This bright and gorgeous sunny dress is from Land of August. Perfect for brunches and vacations.  Shoes: ALDO


A little about the brand 

Land of August offers fine European clothing to women of substance with a liberal sense of fashion. They have previously worked with most of the leading European, Japanese and American brands. They now hope to use their expertise to offer quality clothing to young men and women through their own brands.

Land of August, pay extra attention to detail and craftsmanship. They first go through an in-depth process of trend forecasting. From street style to celebrity fashion, they analyse the best trends. They then carefully choose their fabrics and raw material. The garments are produced under high quality control in their own workshops.

The garments are proudly crafted in India, for the world to experience!


Hoodie: Forever21  / Skirt: Koovs / Boots: Zara / Sunglasses: Rayban / Earnings: Accessorize India / Choker: DIY


 Through this I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what people think of you. What matters is, what you think or see yourself as.

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P.s: I was born in Russia and they have custom of baptizing the new born child in holy water. When they do that, the priest gives the baby a name. I was named Kristeen then. But when I came back to India my grandmother organised a ‘Naam Karan’ with the pandits and I was named Aanchal then. So, I kinda have two names now but you go with Aanchal or Gypsy Panda. *hehe*

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