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Treat for your pooches Ft. WoofBox

How you doing on this beautiful Sunday! 

I am that proud pet parent who will show you their dogs photos till you get annoyed🙈 Well, I think all the pet owners can relate to this. Our pets become like our kids and like any other parent, we want to spoil our kids with love and of course, some gifts! I have a Beagle, German Shepherd and a persian cat. And yes, all three of them live with peace with no fights at all. 

I have the perfect goodies for your pooches. It is bought to you by WoofBox.
So you love your pet immensely and wish to pamper him/her a lot? Well, you are at the right place! They deliver exclusive goodies to pamper your pooch with all what he needs while growing up healthy. Team Woofbox plans the monthly dog box for your pet by selecting cute dog stuff from a wide range of dog products especially made for your adorable pet. Every dog has different needs and that is why you should choose us. They sniff-out dog toys, dog treats and gadgets according to your dog’s breed, age and size. Choose their subscription box if you want to celebrate your dog’s birthday or you simply love to pamper your little furry friend with loads of love and goodies. Book for the subscription box and stay worry-free for regular supply of essentials as per the plan chosen by you. 

My WoofBox came with two treats, one healthy treat, a pizza shaped toy and paw butter (to keep their paws soft). 

My dogs kept on wagging their tails with happiness. Seein them all bouncy and happy made me cry tears of joy. 

Go and spoil your pets with some love like this. Check out more stuff at ! Hug your pets from my side and I’ll see you next time. 


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