Indian By Manish Arora

A few days back I received a mail which said that I was invited for the new store opening of Manish Arora at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. My first reaction? I re read it again to make sure it is for me. My second reaction? I was jumping around in my room, crying and screaming that I was going to see Manish Arora’s creations and probably him in person!!!!

I am a avid art follower  and Manish Arora is the Favorite artist of mine of all time. His work reflects his honesty towards himself. Not afraid if it ‘matches’ to people’s trends. He sets his own trend:  Quirky and captivating. I am inspired by him and his work. It teaches me to do what I think is the best and is original that is coming from me.



“My culture and crafts deeply influence me – I love them,” – Manish Arora


The other reason why he is my favorite is that his work is never boring, never going with the flow but is futuristic (as I said, he creates new trends) and well, breath taking, out of the box and simply genius.It is always interesting to see what he will come up with next. Except colors, patterns, warriors, anything and everything but never subtle and bland. I too have a style which is termed as ‘eccentric’ by some people but I like putting up a few pieces together which is fun and stylish at the same time. Not everyone wants to walk like Kardashians Clones you know. The world does not need boring.

He has cast his spells on all the divas, from Kangana Ranaut to Katy Perry. Everyone loves Manish Arora!

Okay now let’s talk about the new store. Indian by Manish Arora is all new, shiny and ready for you to shop at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India. It is a beautiful store with black&white and pop of red heart designs on the marble floor. The walls are again bright and colored which matches to his true style.

The Interiors

(Walking into the store)

Bright and Cozy
The celebrations were popping!
#IHaveThisThingWithFloors ❤️





The store features his designs and it felt more like an art gallery with genius pieces from the mastermind aka Manish Arora


The store features his gorgeous designs and in the videos below I tried my best to capture the tiny and exclusive details of the designs.

Manish Arora draws inspiration from his experiences in life. From collections inspired by the mystery of space to Indian kitsch, Manish Arora follows his creative genius in a much uninterrupted manner. He experiments with a variety of textures and Indian fabrics, and merges them with Western sensibilities to produce fashion lines that show an enigmatic fusion of tradition and modernity.
My favorite piece was this warrior princess bride attire:

Watch the video to see the details of this beauty:


And the other creation which took my breath away was this sky blue piece.


And well, I was pretty much heads over heels in love with everything there!


Aspiring Brides, Pay Attention! 

Te be honest, the photos and videos can’t do justice to the fine work. You will have to get done there to touch, feel and experience the true beauty of it.


“I am not for the faint hearted”- Manish Arora


Well sir, you have already captured our hearts with your hard work, integrity and work which makes us think and immediately evokes the desire to have it in our wardrobes!

We congratulate you on one more added success to your wall of fame. Keep us entertained and inspired with your work and words.

(Speaking on behalf of your army of fans)

My fan girl moment right there *happy tears*


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