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The Gypsy Panda Book Club

The habit of reading was inculcated in me by Father, who was taught to have a reading habit by my grandfather. It is a family tradition you see. I’ll show you our family’s book collection in some other post.

Today is about YOU! My blog complete one year and I want to do something special for you guys. The Gypsy Panda Book Club is going to be a community where we gonna share books, reviews on it and much more.

As to kickstart the club you have to sign up here :


I shall be sending you a book and small little gifts personally from my side.So make sure that you give your address and number correctly!


Every month I shall announce a book which you can choose to read OR you can suggest the club a book. At the end of the month we shall discuss the book (s) that we have read.

THIS MONTH’S BOOK IS : THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. In my opinion, every school to college going kid should read it. I am not going to say why right now. That will be discussed once you have read it!


Reading is a beautiful blessing. Books are a great escape. Join in The BOOK CLUB. We will do pretty exciting things together.

I love you people. Thank you so much for a year of support and fun.

*with happy tears in my eyes*



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