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The Stigma around “Fashion Blogging”

I really felt the need of this getting out today. We have seen an imense increase in the number of “social media influencers”. Whoever has a high number of followers eventually get the brands rolling under them asking them to flaunt one of their produts on their feeds. 

That’s all what people understand about social media influencers. 

“Followers hai yaar. Famous hai obviously amazing life hai”

“Shallow hai. Bas free products ke liye karti hai”

“Tereko karna kya hota hai. Bas photo click krne, daalni hi toh hai.”

“Dehko,dehko ek aur aayi “fashion blogger”

Calm your judgemental titties everyone.

I’ll  explain to you what we really do and why we do it. This is what my situation is and I think is same for the other influencers too. 

We have that creative bug in us. That always kicks in and ask us to create. So, 

We write and we always are in search of stories. Ideas keeps on running in our heads. Thinking what is meaningful and at the same entertaining. 

We plan our shoots and always think to create it something which would come out like an editorial of a magazine. Because maybe we want to reach there and actually work things with other creative masters.

We have created our own brand. Do you even understand how tough it is out there to work towards building an empire on your name and self? To be dealing with 10 different people, working on every single thing from writing your own content, to arranging shoots, to be always coming up with something new, to being your own manager, assistant, clerk, all in one? And at the same time studying to get a degree which comes with doing internships from time to time and also balancing social life and some ‘me time’ to keep you sane? 

Yea. All every easy na? And oh, don’t think we don’t have any problems and are just living a fancy life in our prettt dresses. Well, we too go through dark phases and are very much vunerable to insecurities and doubts from time to time. 

But guess what? We always stand up because if you go down, so does your brand and all your hard work. So we get up and start working towards are dreams again. And we have much more bigger goals. Blogging is a step to keep on learning and improving our little talents. 

For me, my ultimate goal is to be a published author one day and I work everyday to a better and a smart self for it. 

Sure, bloggers do get free stuff at times.

But you know what? We worked hard for it. It was the content and the quality of our brand which works (and it keeps you entertained too).

At least, we are not sitting on our asses judging people out.

I always have immense respect towards anyone who is chasing their dreams. 

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