What to wear to a Party! 

Holiday season is here which means back to back parties! It starts when Christmas knocks at our doors and ends with everyone screaming with joy, welcoming the new year with hope that it brings goodness and love. 
It’s an exciting time but at the same it can be stressful too, as we girls always end up pulling our hair out of our heads thinking ‘what to wear, man!😞’

Let me be your Santa’s Little Helper for this. I have three looks for you and I have broken them into the three kinda moods we are into in when it comes to fashion. Not getting it? Read along! 

The Rebel kinda mood

You know that  mood when you want to stand out, be the boldest one, playing with new trends and at the same time creating yours. It’s that kinda look. 

Metallics and lace are super in trend right now! I wore a FOREVER21 metallic skirt and paired it up with ZARA (old collection) lace top. Accessorised it with a nice clutch&a pair of earrings with tan heels. 

Don’t be affair to experiment and go for the metallics, lace, teaming body suits and jeans or teaming a midi skirt with corset belts. 

The Miss-Sweet &- Lovely mood

It’s true that our mood effects our fashion choices. One day you dress up looking like the models straight from vogue and the other day you can end up looking like a slob, dressed up in all tracks&pajamas. How I dress up for a party depends on what I am feeling and sometimes I feel like a ray of sunshine (jk) and end up dressing like the looks below. The looks below are perfect for that sweet, bubbly, pretty kinda vibes! 

I am wearing a pink metallic-sh/flowy skirt and a sequins top (again, sequins are very in right now!). Accessorised it with gold bracelet and rings with tan heels(again😋) 

The ‘I’ll play it safe and smart’ 

When you just want don’t want to experiment much and play it simple yet smart and stylish. You can never go wrong with dresses. Pick a maxi or midi which is plain with small ‘wow’ factors here are there. It looks elegant and the best! 

Wearing a blue gown with silver embellishments on the top side. Teamed it up with silver earrings and a pair of black strappy heels.

Try velet maxi dresses! You can buy it here:

You can find it under: Happy Holiday collection OR HOT AS🔥 collection.

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I’ll see you next time.


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