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New You.

Walking into 2017, bidding adieu to the old year. Do you want this year to be the best one? Read along and also, don’t forget to read the captions on the images below.

Dear self,

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you. May you have the most glorious and satisfying year. May 2017 be the year you live the life you dream of. I know we have accepted the fact that ‘New Year, new me’ is totally bogus and nothing magical will happen because of a change in the number of the year. But, the hope that something can happen with a change is what should keep us going on. A change in us, which shall lead to forever changing our life for the good. Here is what I want to tell you.

The playful, childish mood.

You deserve to be happy. There are few things which I have realized in the past but was facing difficulty in accepting it. However, may this ‘new year ‘ thing be my excuse to accepting all of this for a better year.

The boss, I-run-the-world mood
  1. Forgive the people who have done you wrong (even if it’s your parents) and forget the past. I know it is hard but those flash backs of the bad past and the hollow feeling you have  will ruin you. If you carry hate then you attract it too. This effects your personality and self. Unknowingly, we carry that hate onto others too at times. So, just let it go.
The brightening up lives mood.

2.Try not to be over dependent on anyone. I know you must be having ‘people’ or  just a          ‘person’ who you love and they love you back. Love them unconditionally but never let         their presence/absence/words/behavior ever let you effect in a way that you feel                       hopeless and lost when you fight with them or when they are gone. You gotta be strong,       maybe you being wholly happy and better in yourself will improve all the relationships         even more.

Reserved, careful and ‘I need me. No one else’ mood.

3.Okay, so I know your anxiety makes you feel emotionally paralyzed at times, but do you         really think all this going to help you in anyway? To be scared by your own thoughts? You     are someone who wants to achieve big things and you are gonna face scary situations           and people all the time. Give your thoughts a break and be strong headed. A goal digger.        Only then you can change your current case.

The self doubt and hateful mood.

4.Don’t be scared if you will or will not achieve your goals. Just keep on working on them.       The time lost worrying will never come back and you can’t add a disappointment like              this that You Never Worked Hard when you could. Work to make yourself happy. Start           applying for the jobs you want. Stop freaking out every time.

Being proud and cheerful mood. 

5.Go out, make some memories and stop day dreaming so much. It only makes things               miserable. Connect with the people you want to connect to.

The Rebel mood.

6.Be yourself. Yes! But it is okay to sometimes change your preferences and self to be              cooperative for the one you love.

Being blessed and thankful for this life. A mood when everything looks great.

7. Talk to your parents and answer the phone when your friend calls! Don’t make yourself         feel guilty because of this.

My point of this is to tell you that during this year you will feel all these moods above and even other emotions. Embrace all of it as it comes and keep all the 7 points which I told you in mind with that. I promise you. You will have a great great year!

You can’t be sad all the time and punish yourself like that. Go and fly. You are pretty, start treating yourself with some self love, affection and respect. You are a smart kid, don’t think anyway different. You are funny and people like talking to you. So stop feeling like an outsider and smile bright with your crooked teeth.

I know all these things seem near to impossible right now but if this is how you’ll be happy, which would result in people being around you happy and turning your dreams into reality.Then be it! One step at a time. I am too blessed and thankful for my beautiful self and a golden heart. Now is the time for me to work for even more blessings and to love my people unconditionally.

Do things you are passionate about and be the person you want to be. 



Have a great 2017 you !

Love & Luck,

P.s: This post is also in honor of my Mom’s blue polka dot dress. Another classic steal from her closet. That’s me in my mothers arm when I was small.

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