Diegesis of Fashion Ft. MadGlam 

Hey love,

I’ve been working on this project for quite a while now. Every time I sat down to write this story, I faced a major creative block. I could have taken the easy way round and just say, how much I LOVE the outfits, that it’s so pretty and other cliched lines which we see on every other ‘fashion bloggers’ page and just be done with it. But my inner self who wants to create worthy pieces would have cursed me every night. 

So, I gave myself the time to think and I came to this realization: 

Every time we dress, style, put colourful pieces together to form an outfit, it’s a fun process for us. Isn’t it? And whenever we do so, we do it out of the emotion we are feeling at that time, the story which we want to tell with it. 

Let me break it down to you, one outfit at a time. 



I am strong. Confident. Sexy. 

I stand tall with pride. I am a walking muse of my success stories. Today, I get my little mauve velvet dress out to play because I like to flaunt that I have my wardrobe up to date with the latest trends.

I style my satin cut out blazer with it  because I can be fashionable and a boss at the same time. 

I have my priorities sorted. Heading every day with a charge to accomplish my goals.

I am sexy and I am the boss. I also have a playful nature and am not afraid to laugh at my sillness.

For me, this outfit depicts that side of mine, strong headed & soft hearted. 

: H&M | Shoes: Aldo | Cutout satin jacket (who’s sleeves are to die for!)MADGLAM



I think simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Today, I want to feel plain and pretty. 

I am someone who cherishes the small things in life, like a cup of tea, a good book and soul songs. There is joy in simplicity, warmth, a certain quality of life and today I want to show that to the world with my outfit.

I am still learning to love the parts of me that no one claps for. Yes, I do stay insecure most of the times but I still go out with a wide smile every day. Out in my favourite skirt and top which gives me warmth and happiness. I cherish the beauty of living & dressing up for yourself. 

Patch-work denim skirt:
Zara | Paired with nude wedges: Woodland | Adding a warm, spring feeling to this outfit with Green Top : MADGLAM | A little sparkle (earrings) from: Koovs 

(Ps: You better add few green pieces in your wardrobe. Green is the colour of the year as announced by Pantone.) 



I am bad. Playful.

I just want to have fun. Let my hair down loose and swing happily to the beats of my favourite song today. I am very much allowed to have my share of harmless intoxicated fun. A girl needs to maintain her balance na. All work and no play will make Jane a dull girl. 

I love art, baking, all the pretty things AND  I also like to curse like a man, party like a mad baboon and cut ties loose sometimes. 

And while I do all of that, I want to be comfy and stylish. I want my dress to move with me. I want my dress to show that I am out to have fun today. 

This classic, one shoulder black swing dress is perfect for that, because when I pose in it, 

             I look both stylish & carefree. 

DressMADGLAM | Wedges: Forever21 | Earrings & Clutch: Koovs 



I want to feel special today. I want to feel like I am worth it. That I am no less than the girl with million followers. I am done with these insecurities creeping inside my head. Tormenting me with thoughts like, ‘you are just another regular face in the crowd who shall soon be forgotten.’


I refuse to be submerged under my sheets with this feeling. So, I get up and get dressed like how I want to be seen as. A star. A real life hero who fights monsters like : Judgments, Critics, Failures, Dissapointments ever damn day and wins. 

Got beaten twice but I stand tall the third time. 

I am strong and there is nothing wrong with me dressing like I am out to celebrate my victories. You know why? Because I desevre it. 

For moments like this, my nude pink maxi dress is perfect to stride in. Matching up to my mood to feel a little (a lot) glamorous. 

Dress: MADGLAM | Shoes: Aldo | Accessories: 

To sum it up, Fashion is an outlet for self-expression, and every product that is in your warsrobe is an added inspiration to the arsenal of ways to express yourself. The exhilaration I get from it is empowering. So, which story does your outfit tells about you today? 

MADGLAM is a fashion brand which has outfits for every story that you want to tell. Their pieces are stylish, comfortable and alluring. They will deliver styles to you at your doorstep, in beautifully warpped papers. Build your wardrobe with MADGLAM and show ’em around. I’ll put it up like this: They have styles for every story. 


Hope you liked my short stories 😋 If you did then please Like, Comment & Share. I love to know your responses. 

Will see you next time with another fun post.


4 thoughts on “Diegesis of Fashion Ft. MadGlam 

  1. stunning !
    the pictures are beautiful and you look as beautiful as a Rembrandt Painting !
    Many compliments mademoiselle 🙂

    – Jubin Bharat Joshi
    Zephyr Studios

    Liked by 1 person

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