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Do you suffer from personality disorder? Ft.

You are confused, don’t feel alone,I’m more than one person, I confuse my self

One moment i’m this; one moment i’m that,

Sometimes I act like someone who made lots of hats,

The only reason I struggle with this mind of mine,

Is that I don’t know who I am, every hour of the time,

When one mood change, and another begins

I’m not the same person from within.

Now what I say might sound scary to you

But I know you suffer from this too.

I know that what I’ll say next

You will relate to it. I am talking about

The split personality which exists within us, 

constantly battling for the spotlight of your mind, 

feeding off your acquiescence to their imposing forces. 

Beating like a drum at the sides of your skull.

You see,

All of us are like 


with many


and we will never

Find one 

Without static

Oh Man ! you exhibit your lone face outwardly

but cleverly hide two or even more inwardly
Outwardly you are seen to the naked Eye

but your inward face often spins like two

faces of the same coin without clarity

You may look ugly or beautiful Outwardly

while appearance of two of your inner face

is kept hidden in mystery

outwardly your appearance keeo changing

smiley in happiness

tearful in sorrow

fearsome in anger

steady while normal

Rowdy with friends

Respectful infront of parents

Innocent and dedicated at work

Raunchy at parties

And an animal at be

one face of you pretends to be pleasant while 

the other spills venom which is hard to crack

One face pretends to be very honest in your deeds

The other face craves for ill gotten wealth

One face pretends to be the LEGIT boss

While the other just wants love and guidance

One face acts as if you are very religious

the other face is anything but religious

one face pretends to be generous
the other face expects returns
One face projects as a dedicated Life partner

the other face thinks at times, ” what if someone  else?”

The thing is all of us struggle with this back and forth battle in our brains. Making us change ourselves with every passing moments. 

One of me runs with the lions at night,

Feasting and sleeping on wide open plains.

The other side keeps me safe in the light,

Through the sleet and the snow, the hail and the rain.

Half of me leaves myself open to others,

Ready to spill all the things that I feel.

The rest will only confide in my brothers,

Because before others my heart will not kneel.

I’m open and fearless and quick on my feet,

Nothing can slow me or hold me in place.

I’m closed and concealed, hidden from heat,

No one but me will see my true face.

The right and the left are two sides of one coin,

Two different pieces shall never be joined.

I have made peace with it now

Or else I might have turned insane

What is sanity anyway. 

When our brains is itself capable of making multiple sane realities the truth every. Single. Time. 

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Much love (from all my multiple selfs),

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