#Weekends at Light House Cafe

If you are reading this then you too are probably sitting at home like me and having a lazy, chill Saturday and if that’s not the case, then get off your phone, talk to your friends, go out and have fun, man!

(Okay, just kidding. Thank you for the love, fam)

Today’s post is a review of the Light House Cafe in Khar, Mumbai. As the team at the Light House Café puts it, ‘Let there be light.’
The Light House Café, nestled in a quaint neighborhood at Khar is not merely about dine and wine. The place promises to be a melting pot of ideation and creativity as put by the owners.

Vibrant, young, attractive, innovative, visionary, pocket-friendly and personalized are the concepts kept in mind while catering to a discerning gourmet at the Light House Café.








When you walk into the Light House Café, you walk into a house of lights. Deriving the idea of inspiration and thought that is drawn from a light-bulb, the interior space is disconnected by the use of different lighting in each area giving the space, a raw and rustic ambiance. The space is divided into the entrance, the bar area, the break-out area and the sofa seating.

At the entrance, you are greeted with a display of 200 lightbulbs at the ceiling. The installation can be chased into 32 different variants. The entrance area offers comfort seating comprising of an area demarcated for live performances, with a back drop of art work containing hanging lamps.

The bar is 20-feet long, with a counter built by a 4-inch wooden plank. The bar has 30 suspended filament bulbs illuminating the jar that they are contained in. The bar offerings majorly focus on the exclusive range of shots and cocktails beyond the pocket-friendly priced menu. The break-out area is designed with high tables, benches and hanging lanterns meant as an informal space for people to socialize and connect. The sofa seating offers you an elevated, lounge experience encouraging community bonding which is disconnected from the rest of the space.


When it comes to food, the Light House Café is an amalgamation of cultures which is reflective through its multi-cuisine menu. Drawing influences from modern Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, American, Continental, Thai, British, African, Spanish, South American and Australian cuisines, the Food and Bar Menu has been curated within the kitchen through an expert team of chefs without any outsourcing.

We tried the Mix Veg and Non-Veg platter consisting of bread sticks, prawns, bruschetta, chicken tikka, cheese balls and pizza cupcakes. A heavenly set of all things good and yummy.

The second thing we ate was their Big Decker Pizza which had six slices (every two slices of different flavors!). Two slices had Mexican chili toppings on it and the other two had chicken penne toppings. We also ordered a side of chicken discs which were crisp and yum.

To end our feast on a sweet note, we went for their Swiss Roll Dessert. A decadent combination of soft, warm chocolate inside & outside the gooey base, sprinkled with chocolate powder and lots of nuts!

‘Light House Café comprises of an energetic and enthusiastic team that has come together over the love of food. With varied expertise built over 15 years, the team brings to the city, a community-bonding spot over food cocktails and shots. Their belief is to build a hub where patriots bond over music and merriment.’




Much Love,


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