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The Blunted Affect Ft. MADGLAM




Moving ahead, leaving the past behind is difficult. We humans are made soft and we get hurt when it comes to taking an emotional punch. Some of us just break, breathing hopeless and wanting everything to just end. Some of us break for a while and then just adjust our system, setting it back to a normal and stronger mode.

And, for some (well, for me too) we don’t feel anything. I mean we do but to a limit. I learned this trick from my mom that how you can feel something and nothing at the same time. She told me, “in life you will meet people, visit places, have materialistic objects, which/who will gift you the most beautiful thing : memories. And with memories comes emotions, both good & bad. Your heart gets comfortable with a place/person/thing, you feel infinite with them and when that is gone, your heart doesn’t know how to adjust, it can break or you can teach it to be happy for the new stories that you’ll get to make with a new place/person/thing. Everything in life has a reason for it. Embrace the good times, learn from the bad and anticipate, always, the coming times. You never know what might turn out to be the biggest memory of your life but you will never know it if you just keep on holding to the old ones.”

So, here I am 4 am in the morning writing in my apartment which I shifted in in my third year of college. I changed houses in every year of my college and each house holds so many, both good and bad memories. I will miss sitting in my balcony, sipping coffee, listening to music and writing early morning (4 am is counted as early morning, na?). Today is the last day of this little habit of mine. Next day will be a new house with new mates and some newer memories.

I am sorry for diverting from the topic of fashion but, okay, so, but will you like if I share my stories with you? ‘Cause I got tones of them and I believe that it will make you feel things. Guaranteed. Let me know.




This post is the last entry in my ‘very summery, very boho-ish’ look book. The idea was to execute it like how the Coachella happens, three days, three posts. Welcoming the summer in your best boho avataar. You must have seen the jewelry pieces in the previous  blog posts. I dedicated this post just to the accessories because I feel they play a huge role in transforming your outfit. Also, there is something about these well crafted shiny ornaments, which if you find right, makes you feel like:
A boho goddess
Just pure and magical
A princess, a queen and what not.



I have a very sensitive skin, like a new born baby skin. Legit, if you pinch me, there are chances that it will result in a bruise, it is that sensitive! So, wearing jewelry in summers is a risky business for me as it might result in rashes. However, I was wearing these MadGlam pieces for the entire day and ladies (& gentlemen) I found myself a winner, an accessory Savior. The jewelry pieces didn’t gave me any bad skin reaction suggesting the good quality of the pieces. And well, we already know about the details and designs on these.

Have a more closer look:





I am an angel who wears halo as an anklet..what can I say? Haha, no but really, I feel it is important to have pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel good, happy. As the saying goes, look good, feel good and you shall reflect the same energy onto other and get head turns when you enter a room. Ok, well, I stretched this at the end but you got the point, right?

Now, you must be thinking, “Holy cow, this woman wears and praises MADGLAM too damn much but this is only because it is one of a kind store which is offering really unique (inspired from high fashion designs/styles) fashion products at affordable prices. Not only do they do a kick-ass job in boho fashion, but in they have clothes & accessories for all kinds of style.

Speaking of boho fashion, I have one more look for you! I styled Foreve21’s plain pink dress with lace detailing at the bottom with a blue, floral printed MADGLAM shrug and a brass, choker necklace, again from MADGLAM! I think this look passes well for a vacay outfit or just something to drape yourself in for a lunch/casual dinner date. For me, this is my natural habitat.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now, Coachella has ended. Party’s over, time to go back work and  I *drum rolls* have the perfect chic, formal outfit for you. I really like this up-front tie dress.





It is made out of cotton (hence, comfortable) and the front knot helps in accentuating the curves. Being curvy myself, I struggle a lot in finding the right dress which is not that body hugging but also not that loose, because it ends up making me look, well, a little blotated *hehe*). You can adjust the wrap by tying the knot tighter or loose.




These are some of my current favorites from MADGLAM. You can check out their store here:

Talking about materialistic favorites, I would like to refer to the start of this blog: being emotionless and caring at the same, Suffering from the ‘Blunted Effect’  : which means that you do let the emotions take you over but with a very reduced effect because you want yourself to feel finite emotions in your lifetime and that can’t be possible if you let yourself be droned with the older, badder ones. Move forward, carry the light of hope.

Same is with clothes, you get attached to a piece (like for example, with a pair of jeans) and you wear it again and again, until one day it gets so old, that you have to say goodbye to it. You will be sad, you will miss that one pair but hey, now you can shop more and who knows, maybe you find a even better pair than before.

You get what I mean, kiddo?



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