Mid Night Scribbles

101 Random Acts of Kindness

I hope that you are aware of the devastating news from Manchester. We need one another more than ever. Remember, the best way to deal with hate is love. Remember to be kind always. Even a small act can result in magic. As my attempt to spread a little kindness today, I am spreading the message of humanity and sharing 101 ways you can be kind. You don’t have to be a super hero! Just a good human to make this world a better place.

Start with the easiest act of kindness and hug your loved ones.


A small random act of kindness can go a long way. Here are 101 ways you can show kindness-

  1. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it. Say it.
  2. Share overheard compliments.
  3. When it’s summer and hot, give out cold water to your mail carrier and garbage men. When it’s freezing outside offer hot chocolate to crossing guards, police officers and others.
  4. Tell someone the truth. Sometimes it’s really hard, but it’s what friends do.
  5. Say “thank you” to someone who made a difference. . . .Send a card to people who dedicate their lives to helping us – soldiers, police officers, fire fighters and teachers to name a few.
  6. Take a cute photo of someone you love and mail or email it to them.
  7. Think of the amazing people in your life. Take an hour to write those people a letter telling them why they’re awesome.
  8. Sometimes we shy away from people when we know they’re having a rough time. We assume we should wait for them to approach us, so we’re not intruding. Instead, ask them how they’re doing. If they don’t want to talk, they’ll say they’re “fine.” Many people will be relieved to have someone to talk to. If you don’t ask, they might never mention anything to you. They might not want to burden you with their problems.
  9. Listen. Don’t interrupt. Something I learned from my wife is that people don’t always want us to suggest a solution. They just want us to listen. We underestimate how important and comforting it is to be listened to.
  10. Do something special that you know your significant other will appreciate
  11. Be kind to yourself. Every day write down 3 to 5 things for which you’re grateful.
  12. When people are gossiping about someone, be the person to chime in with something nice.
  13. Encourage someone to pursue their dreams.
  14. Donate your stuff. Instead of saving things in case you need them in 10 years, consider giving stuff to someone who needs it now.
  15. Everyone is important. Learn the names of your office security guard, the person at the front desk and other people you see every day. Greet them by name. Also say “hello” to strangers and smile. These acts of kindness are so easy, and they almost always make people smile.
  16. Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now.
  17.  Bring doughnuts (or a healthy treat, like cut-up fruit) to work.
  18.  Put your phone away.
  19. Offer a homeless person your leftovers bag from the restaurant.
  20. Forgive someone, and never bring up the issue again.
  21. Talk to the shy person who’s sitting by themselves at a party.
  22. Cut someone some slack.
  23. Help a mother with her baby stroller.
  24. Give someone a tissue who’s crying in the public, and offer to talk about it, but only if they want to.
  25. Listen intently.
  26. Babysit for a single mom for free.
  27. Adopt a rescue pet.
  28. Compliment someone in front of others.
  29. Write a nice comment on your friend’s blog.
  30.  Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home. Sixty percent of them will never have a visitor during their stay.
  31. Hold the elevator.
  32.  Message or email that person you’re afraid to talk to because you don’t want to “bother them.” They’re probably thinking the same thing about others!
  33. Remind yourself that everyone is fighting their own struggles.
  34. Help some in studies.
  35. Write your partner a list of things you love about them.
  36. Put together a small herb garden for someone.
  37. Empathize.
  38. Share your discount coupons.
  39.  Let your staff go home a few minutes early.
  40.  Write a poem/song/paint a picture for someone.
  41.  Teach someone a new skill.
  42. Call or email a long lost friend or relative and get reconnected.
  43. Open and hold a door for someone.
  44. Help someone obviously struggling with a heavy load.
  45. Carry groceries to the car and return the cart for a parent with a child, or a senior etc.
  46. Volunteer your time and skills.
  47. Come to work early and make coffee for your coworkers.
  48. Offer your parking space to someone; give your “pay and display” with time left on it to someone.
  49. Gather up your gently used clothes, toys, furniture, and books and donate them to appropriate organization.
  50.  Safely assist someone in need of roadside help.
  51. Congratulate/comfort a team mate.
  52. Let someone into the line of traffic.
  53. Leave a thank you note for the paperboy/postal worker.
  54. Reward a loyal customer.
  55. Thank/appreciate a business owner/staff person who has provided you with excellent service.
  56.  Educate others about Random Act of Kindness Day and discuss the importance of “everyday kindness.”
  57. Smile when you feel like scowling.
  58. Pick up litter and be kind to our environment.
  59. Compliment someone on their hair/clothing /job well done.
  60. Give gently used toys and clothing to a shelter.
  61.  Make your family’s favorite dinner.
  62. Car pool with someone for the day.
  63. Ride your bike to work /school to save carbon emissions and be kind to the environment.
  64. Allow a student to job shadow you.
  65. Help someone with their resume.
  66. Refer a job opening to someone looking for a position. 
  67.  Share magazines that you get a subscription to when you are finished with them.
  68. Take your pet for an extra-long walk.
  69. If you see someone with their tail light or brake lights out, let them know.
  70. If you see someone who has locked themselves out of their car, offer to make a phone call for them.
  71. Comfort someone who is in need.
  72.  Hug someone you love and tell them you love them.
  73. Give up your seat on the bus for some who needs to sit.
  74. Pick up litter off the street/parks.
  75. Share your notes with someone who has missed a class or meeting.
  76. Donate blood.
  77. Put a treat in your spouse/kids lunch box.
  78. Work or switch a work shift so someone else who needs the time off can do so.
  79. Send leftover catered food to a homeless shelter.
  80. Help with housework for a senior or make their lunch for them.
  81. Share/email your photos from events with others who attended but didn’t get any pictures.
  82.  Send a letter of thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life.
  83. Thank a police officer/fireman and stop to consider what would happen to our community without them.
  84. Be kind to the customer service rep on the phone. It’s not their fault.
  85.  Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.
  86. Have a clean-up party on the beach or at a park.
  87. Give someone the rest of your pack of gum.
  88. Bring a security guard a hot cup of coffee.
  89.  Plant a tree.
  90. Purchase some extra dog or cat food and drop it off at an animal shelter.
  91. If you’re a good photographer, take photos of your friends and make them into a digital album. 
  92. Bring your partner coffee in bed tomorrow.
  93.  Try to make sure every person in a group conversation feels included
  94. Don’t write the angry internet comment you’re thinking of
  95. Call your grandparents. Call them!
  96. Donate your old eyeglasses so someone else can use them.
  97. Every night before you go to bed, think of three things you’re grateful for.
  98.  Make plans with that person you’ve been putting off seeing.
  99.  Call your mom.
  100. Donate.


101. When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head, remember to leave yourself alone — you deserve kindness too!


Much Love,


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