Repeated Offender Ft. Eristona 

I have had mornings where I woke up, pondered the fah-bulous day I had arranged and the fah-bulous equip that would absolutely run with it – to, out of the blue, hold back in frenzy: I’d worn the outfit some time recently. 
More regrettable still, I’d been captured in it – which implied it was on Insta and everything!
The prospect of repeating an especially heavenly short red dress would threaten and all the while fill me with horrible disgrace at the way that I’d offer into such technicality. 

Why are we so embarrassed to concede that we despise repeating? Is it since individuals will reveal to you that on the off chance that you couldn’t care less much about your garments, you’re a don’t-carish individual who merits every one of the companions you can get – however in the event that you (yowser) care at about your style, you’re a snobbish what-have-you?

This couldn’t possibly be more off-base. The way I see it, it’s just about what suits your way of life best. Maybe you’re somebody who loves simple fix-me-ups in a hurry – in which case, don’t hesitate to repeat equips as frequently as is sterile! Or, then again maybe you endeavor towards a more imaginative adaptation of yourself, admonishing your cerebrum to improve on each LBD, LWD – pantyhose, even – in which case, go forward scavenging through your storage room, old buddy!

My only problem with the whole style debate is that it is no longer personal. Some pea-brained up-and-comer at a tabloid once upon a time created the phrase “repeat offender”. What on earth does that even mean? Are you telling me you’d care about Kate Winslet repeating her taffeta-laced Oscar De La Renta, right after you heard her Oscar-worthy speech on feminism? (There’s a misnomer, if ever there was one).

Some place amid my fleeting time of form dread (when each Saturday night plan was punctuated with looking through photos of past Saturday night arrangements to tick off phantoms of dresses past), I found Kate Middleton. 
Everything was all of a sudden well with the world once more. The Duchess of Cambridge is a ton of things – however with regards to form mapping, she’s right up there with the chicest of the parcel. Also, the lady rehashes her outfits audaciously! Kate has been shot wearing a similar thing on numerous events – truth be told, she’s famous for it; Zara, Stella McCartney, Luisa Spagnoli – and so on, she’s repeated it.

It made them think – on the off chance that one of the world’s most watched ladies has no apprehensions with saying, “Hello, I like this skirt – I’m wearing it once more,” what ground do the design police need to thud their judgemental asses on? 

I am certain, obviously, that on the off chance that you filtered through the pages of style journals, you would discover numerous beautiful ladies doing the inverse as well – never rehashing a cap/a cape/a bootie, even. The fact isn’t which side of the runway you’re on – the fact of the matter is whether you feel constrained by ANYONE other than yourself to rehash/not rehash an outfit. 
Since consistence is the minimum in vogue thing you could do.

Because compliance is the least fashionable thing you could do.

For those of us who do not have a wardrobe the size of Carrie Bradshaw (seriously, how unrealistic WAS that thing?), here’s a thought: just pair ’em and mix ‘em.

Play around with accessories like I did with these belts. Paired by black shirt  in the earlier look with that black belt and voila, I re-created a Kim Kardashian look!

So don’t be affraid to repeat your outfits. Just be creative. 


SHIRT: Thrifted from Colaba Market | SHORTS: H&M | BOOTS: Forever21 | BELT: Eristona


White TShirt Dress: Thrifted from Colaba | BOOTS: Forever21 | CORSET BELT: Eristona


SHIRT: Thrifted from Colaba Market | SKIRT: H&M | HEELS: Aldo Shoes | CORSET BELT: Eristona

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