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Tale of two sisters W/ Discover Resorts


upon a time there lived two sisters in the city of dreams..

They both were determined and hungry for success. Day after day they followed a routine which kept them uptight, fit and closer to their dreams. For them ‘taking a break’ didn’t existed.

“I know you don’t want to take a break right now.”

“Yes, Because I..we are too busy.”

“But we aren’t doing well in our work, anymore. Sometimes we know there’s a better way to do things, but we’re just so busy we don’t even think we have the time to find it–so we keep going like we always have.”


“Okay, so what do you suggest?”


“I read it on the internet that breaks, they make you happier, more focused and more productive–and I bet they can do the same for us”


“I am listening..”


” I found this really cool place, not much far away from the city. Come along and let’s discover the science of why we need breaks in life.”

Finally, the sisters went to a place to take a break. That place was a beautiful, big resort named Discover in Neral, Maharashtra, India.


Surrounded by scenic mountainscape and filled with the sounds of nature, Discover Resorts is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The sisters loved luxury & comfort and they found both & ever more, there at Discover Resorts.
“Why did you choose this location for our break, sister?”

“Well, I knew that we can only take the break over the weekend and this place was perfect as it is only 2.5 hours away via road from the city. I planned this trip accordingly… Reach there early Saturday morning, relax in the pool, take a massage and just chill. It is located at the foothills of Matheran, so we can take hike and explore the hills Sunday morning. We can leave for the city Monday morning and will still be able to reach our works on time. Is this fine?”


“Yeah, it is cool. I like this place, loved the bedrooms and that welcome drink was such a nice gesture. But there is a problem now, they don’t have wifis in the room!!!”


“Chill, relax. We are here on a break and I think this no wifi thing is actually better for us. We need a break from the internet reality, too. However though, the restaurant and reception areas have wifi. You can go there if something important comes up.”

“Argh, I think I will just sit in the room for a while.”

One sister stayed in the room, struggling to keep herself away from the phone and the other sister, explored the spread of 6 acres of lush land in the foothills of Matheran, it’s features, beautiful weather and an array of amenities they had. She even went for a nice, calming spa.

While the other sister was coming to this retaliation..

Basically, the human brain just wasn’t built for the extended focus we ask of it these days. Our brains are vigilant all the time because they evolved to detect tons of different changes to ensure our very survival. So focusing so hard on one thing for a long time isn’t something we’re ever going to be great at.
Our brains have two modes: the “focused mode,” which we use when we’re doing things like learning something new, writing or working) and “diffuse mode,” which is our more relaxed, daydreamy mode when we’re not thinking so hard. You might think that the focused mode is the one to optimize for more productivity, but diffuse mode plays a big role, too.
In fact, although our brains were once thought to go dormant when we daydreamed, studies have shown that activity in many brain regions increases when our minds wander. 

Taking breaks makes us more productive as it refreshes your mind, setting it to new and better mode. It steps up our game. In the same way, that sister stepped out of the guilt of taking breaks and finally, treated herself to the much needed pamper she deserved.



They returned to work after their refreshing, little vacation and achieved soaring success.


The end..

Well, not really tho..

*hehe* Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this little piece. Let me tell you the backstory of this post. So for those of you who follow me on Snapchat (aanchal_trivedi) must be knowing this that I went for a little Getaway with my fav, Samiksha to Discover Resorts in Neral, last month. 

I have been working continuously these past days and am desperately in need of a break but the guilt of it just holds me down. To make myself realize the importance of breaks and to you, too, I wrote this article. Taking a break then and going to Discover Resorts was a really good idea because A) It wasn’t that far away from the city, so no jhamela of long travel times B) The was peaceful, beautiful & refreshing (value for money) C) and that break, rejuvenated us from the monotonous routine.


I will definitely recommend you Discover Resorts as the best staycation place. If you are looking for a getaway from the city then this place is perfect, huge luscious green property with a neat swimming pool, surrounded by the hills. They have play areas like: basketball court, badminton court, snooker table, a DJ setup for parties, a lovely spa and a view that takes your breath away. The staff is very welcoming and attentive. They even have on demand taxis and autos available for their guests. The best thing, Matheran is just about half an hour away!


Stripes are super in right now. I got these two co-ords from Lillie by Ruthie. I think they are chic and pass for creative work wear.

 The second treding thing is bell sleeves. Girl, if you are going on a vacay anywhere sunny this holiday then make sure that you have a bell sleeve top/dress. They are fun and gorgeous. Wearing a bell sleeve dress from MadGlam (i styled it with a leather skirt over it).

Get that break you deserve, people. I will see you next time. Like, comment and subscribe to the blog is you liked this post!

Much Love,



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