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Luck & Fashion | Ft. Ceriz 

If Bad Luck Brian was a girl, it would have had my face on the meme. No, really. I have the most effed up luck. Examples, I plan my posts for the entire day and be all boosted that, ” Are wah, aaj toh sbh kuch planned hai. Bas araam se post krna hai.” and then guess what, the wifi stops working for the whole day. On top of it, my phone 3G also starts working on a snails speed.

Another example, I was cleaning my room while listening to music. Dancing, jamming, full josh mai cleaning. Ki tbhi.. “SWISH SWISH BISH” krte huye, I lifeted up my blanket, not realising that the laptop was kept in the edge. *SMASH* broke my baby. On top of it, while trying to save the laptop, I dropped my phone and broke it too. For the past itne din, U was without any phone or laptop. Imagine!
Abh, you must be thinking ki kitna roti hai. Kabhi kabhi sbhka luck kharab hota hai but I can counter your judgement and tell you 1000 more unlucky stories of mine. However though, this post is not about discussing my bad luck. This post will tell you how you can change your luck. Let’s start!

Have you read or heard about the book, The Secret? The Secret provides an explanation for luck or at least a method to create it. It tells us that the universe responds to what we think and feel according to the Law of Attraction. If we want to attract luck in our lives, we should think positively and confidently, aspire intensely, feel enthusiastically and harmoniously about ourselves, our lives, the people we interact with and everything that happens to us. It also tells us that if our lives seem to be plagued by ill luck or misfortune, it is because our own mental preoccupations, fears, doubts, anxieties, self-pity, resentments and frustrations are attracting the very opposite of what we consciously aspire for. Luck and misfortune are mirrors which life holds up reflecting what we are inside or what is happening inside.

It is that simple! I’ll be honest and say that 95% of the times, I always think of the ways that something can go wrong and whenever I do so, the things do turn an ugly turn. So abh se, I will only think of the positive because if I’ll imagine that bad luck will come again and ruin me then guess what, it will! [ Honestly speaking, before cleaning my room I had a thought ki aaj pakka se I’ll break something or the other and wahi hua!]

Speaking of luck. I discovered an uber chic fashion brand which makes affordable luxurious  shoes and bags. The brand is called CERIZ
CERIZ is derived from the french word ‘Cerise’ meaning cherry. The logo is defined by the CERIZ woman.Modern and bold.A fusion of Indian and global. Rooted and fresh.The Indian fashion accessories market is ready for a high fashion brand for women.They are ready for shoes & handbags that augment, enhance and dress up every outfit.
Ceriz Handbags are a girls best friend. They are comfortable, spacious and pretty durable. Always the leather finishing on every bag is really good. You won’t have to worry about tattered leather.
I shopped two staple bags. One is a tan tote which I think is perfect as a go to bag. I styled the bag in two ways-


Simple and classy in a white tshirt dress, denim jacket and nude pumps. Styled with tan tote from Ceriz and rayban shades.


Taking inspi from the 70s, I layered my black dress over a black turtleneck top, styled with black pump and tan tote (to get that pop of contrast), both from Ceriz.

_Q6A2147 (1)_Q6A2181_Q6A2171 (1)_Q6A2180


The other bag is a dark navy blue bag which is perfect for a little fancier occasions. Here are the two ways I styles this bag.


Easy breezy look, with a cut off shoulder top and maxi skirt. All I styled it with is black heels and navy handbag from CERIZ.

_Q6A2142 (2)_Q6A2040_Q6A2113_Q6A2010 (1)_Q6A2003 (1)



Plain blush slip dress with a good pair of heels and bag is the classic go to party look!



Now coming to their shoe collection. Ceriz Shoes are extension of  women selves and our style. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that the right pair of shoes can make a bad day beautiful. No matter what mood you are in there is always a place for a Ceriz pair!!

I bought a classic pair of black peep toes and sunshine flats!




Checks aka gingham print is super in nowadays. I just paired it up with my sunny footwear and I was good to go!




That’s all in the fashion column for today. Now a little insight into my bad luck, again:


There have been some issues and problems in the past which instilled a fear in my mind. Whenever I am off to do something, like for example a blog post or a meeting. My mind automatically generates the list of things which can go wrong, like, “traffic hoga, you’ll be late for the meeting. wifi band ho jayega. post nhi hoga or people like hi nhi krenge post.” and you know what, all those bad things do come true. There is a difference between taking calculated risks and working AND thinking bad scenarios all the time and staying fearful.  Bad thoughts don’t help. So, from now on, I’ll only think of the things that can go right. Example, I am thinking of a scenario where you people are liking this post and subscribing to my blog. Let’s see if thinking right pays off, uh?! 😉

I’ll see you next time with another fun and helpful post.  Keep on loving this little weirdo and I am sending love back to you, all the time!




One thought on “Luck & Fashion | Ft. Ceriz 

  1. I agree on you with this one! I was a negative person, I always use to think what can go wrong and it did use to affect me until I was introduced to Law of Attraction & Manifestation. It’s been few months that I’ve started applying them to my life and I can tell the difference! I’ve experienced BIG & SMALL things but they’re equally powerful & they make me so happy! It works for me. I’ve felt so positive in the past few months and it’s life changing.


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