Lakme Fashion Week | Day 2

One of my best days, people. The only sad part about it was that, I lost my top at LFW, day 2.



I just couldn’t sleep well the entire fashion week. I used to spend the days at St.Regis and nights, reminiscing the great time I had and going bonkers with excitement for the next day! Day 2 at Lakme Fashion Week was all about sustainable fashion. Without further a do, let’s get started!



The idea behind this initiative is to create sustainable fashion with beautiful styles, without compromising on the ethics. Example: Water-less dying has the potential to save more than 60% on energy use compared to traditional dying technologies.

At the Lakme Fashion Week, models strolled the incline parading the feasible manifestations outlined and created by prestigious creators Sohaya Misra, Kriti Tula and Anuj Bhutani.


The “Chola” name by Misra displayed a gathering ‘One Love, One People, One Planet’ made with the “Recca” texture for the ‘Restart Fashion’ activity. “Recca” is the reused cotton brand of Anandi Entreprises, understood in the material reusing industry. Remaining consistent with her trademark form pith, Misra worked with hearty tones for her casual laid back look with her announcement making layering and voluminous outlines. Shades of dark colored, profound khaki, maroon and dark were perfect for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season.




Together with Geetanjali Wollens, Bhutani built up a scope of unisex garments. Opening the show with a beige short coat for men, Anuj acquired tunics, long kurtas, a ribbed jumpsuit, floppy catch less coat a woolen Pheran, shirt and an orange pullover for the more grounded sex. For ladies, it was a dark sack dress, an orange basic Tabard, belted coat with move and sewed cardigan worn with a bended sew tunic.


thequint2017-0281232530-7500-4e1e-83c1-628db8ecc9d0unnamed (48)

Bollywood performer Jim Sarbh was the showstopper for Bhutani. He strolled the incline in a long tunic, Bermudas and loose coat. Aaaaand, I got chance to meet him!!!



I love theater and to see my favorite artist in person just made me cry a happy tear inside.



I was  invited for the Doodlage show and was really excited for it, because this way, I got to know the brand even better and I also got the chance to try their A/F17 collection.

Tula’s “Doodlage” added a fun component to her accumulation with a play on words on the title ‘Easy chair Activism’. It was a gathering with a social message utilizing Converse India’s upcycled plastic “Lifaffa” textures with an expansion of interwoven, prints and weaving that were propelled by city frameworks and vanishing foliage. Solid trademarks in prints and weaving additionally pushed the social causes in an elegant way at Lakme Fashion Week.




Actually, I adored the whole gathering. It is crisp, fun and extremely imaginative. The cunning play of patterns, delicacy and excellence of the weaving and, the tense section included by the corsets.

I trust that creators make wearable workmanship pieces. I don’t know why however workmanship by Doodlage is something unique. Possibly in view of the way that it is environment friendly and cruelty free.

Outfit: Doodlage | Bag: LIFAFFA



I have made some exceptionally unique minutes in benetton india.

I was brought up in a residential community called Meerut. It never truly had the privillige to hold huge brand stores. Be that as it may, when I was in ninth standard, the store Benetton opened. I was in my initial high schooler years and needed to dress beautiful, you know. In view of the absence of good stores, I had no alternative yet to pick Bentton as my closet rescuer. Little did I realized that this brand would wind up having such a unique place in my life. Case, I purchased my first historically speaking dress that I possessed from here. Furthermore, well, not just that all my garments were from Benetton.

Wearing this brand once more, when I am altogether grown up, I would state that nothing has changed. It is as yet agreeable, fun loving and without flaw.


Little about Benetton India’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection:

“The AW17 women’s collection hinges on trendy pieces, made with quality and attention to detail. Benetton’s visual heritage, basic easy wear also evolves in a kaleidoscope of knits, dresses and pullovers in color block and inventive plays of stripes, chevrons and geometric motifs. From elegant looks like maxi-dresses, long skirts and bowtie neck blouses, to leisure styles with pieces suitable for both the gym and leisure time, Benetton designs a cool, easy fashion that is feminine and stylish. Must-haves from the collection are gingham or striped shirts embellished with ruffles and embroidery that lend a unique, neo-romantic look to miniskirts and jeans. Pastel-colored blouses give a very chic look for special evenings, while the body-skimming, minimal cool dresses are perfect for every day. The AW17 collection is available across retail stores pan India.

The AW17 men’s collection showcases checks, stripes and argyle patterns featured on colorful, modern knitwear. The elegance of Italian style makes a return in the proportions of structured but casual shirts, coats and jackets, and in the silhouettes of pants and outerwear with fluid, relaxed lines. Jeans are deconstructed, cut and asymmetric, while the new cargo pants in sandy-colored textured cotton are given a work-wear touch with maxi accordion pockets.”


Favorite Moments:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now about the case of the missing top. This foolishness happened when I was on my way to change back into my original clothes from Doodlage. I dropped my top somewhere!! I realized this when I entered the washroom, almost ready to wear the top. Luckily, I had a shrug. So, no one noticed. Funny life, I found the top on my way out of the venue. And yes, I wore it and went home.


So, that’s it for day 2. Hope you enjoyed the blog. If you did then hit me with a like and subscribe!

Stay tuned for day 3 and 4.


Much Love,


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